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GPA Global has created the luxurious boxes of Marie-Stella-Maris

GPA Global has collaborated with Dutch luxury house and perfume brand Marie-Stella-Maris, to design a duo of limited edition boxes for the Festive and Mother's Day lines.

Through its aesthetic design and functional experience, this packaging generates a premium feeling for the user. The end result enhances the product, while being aligned with the environmental and social values of Marie-Stella-Maris.

For these 2 boxes, GPA Global used 3 ranges of the Dutch paper supplier Velpa: Denimised - 50 % of fibers from recycled jeans -, Cocoality - cocoa bean shells finely ground -, Valorise - fibers from tomato plants.

In order to offer a reinforced functionality and user experience, GPA Global has positioned clever fasteners that keep the different products in place, and retained a principle of removable or foldable lids, depending on the content. The use of soft touch adds to this luxurious feel and invites a holistic sensory experience.

For the Mother's Day line - Rock Rose N°10 scented hand and body care and a set of scented sticks - GPA Global opted for a plain white background adorned with polka dots in different blush shades. Inspired by the soft petal pink hues of confetti, the fun and feminine design of the boxes evokes the floral product it contains.

For the Festive No. 12 fragrance line, GPA Global took a bold approach, choosing a soft black laminate background, contrasted with white ink and a shimmering gold design, achieved with gold leaf to echo the golden touch of the products contained in the different boxes: a gold candle, a scented candle and sticks gift set and a scented sticks set.

GPA Global printed the ingredient lists and instructions for use directly on the packaging, as well as the logo and even the "corporate mission" statement that Marie-Stella-Maris carries.

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