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Thursday October 5, 2023
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Sÿnia presents its bio-sourced resin

Sÿnia has just developed a bio-sourced resin for which it filed a patent in February 2022.

The resin used until now was made of fossil materials. This bio-sourced resin is composed of raw materials of agricultural origin. Additional advantage, this bio sourced resin is produced on our territory. A real gain in terms of transport and a significant reduction of Sÿnia's carbon footprint.

And that's not all, since this resin is also used in many other fields, including the automotive industry. This natural resin, which in its former version was only reserved for doming, is now recommended for many uses.

Of course the resin is now biosourced but that's not all. Since the vinyl support is now PVC-free, in order to offer the most responsible product possible. The major clients are increasingly sensitive to this aspect. It was therefore inevitable for Sÿnia to find a solution, in addition to remaining in line with its environmental policy.
And for the near future, Sÿnia is looking to develop a technique to separate resin and adhesive support in order to recycle them. This new technique will significantly reduce the environmental impact of the company. So many good deeds for the company, its stakeholders, without forgetting the planet.

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