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Saturday September 30, 2023
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The TechnicoFlor Group strengthens its activity in the PACA region

TechnicoFlor, a family-owned group specializing in the creation of fragrance compositions, plant extracts, aromatic raw materials and food flavors for the perfume, cosmetics, hygiene, home care, pharmaceutical and food industries, has strengthened its partnership with the NCDSM Group's Fer à Cheval brand.
The company has just composed the fragrances for its brand new range of liquid soaps and soap bars.
A total of 8 fragrances with floral, refreshing or gourmet notes (Pétales de Rose, Embruns & Cédrat, Lavande Vivifiante, Miel & Amande, Thé Blanc & Yuzu, Aqua Mandarine) have been created by the company's perfume designers: Christine Lucas, Marika Symard, Irène Farmachidi and Pierre Florès.
100% Made in France formulations specially developed to be as gentle as possible and minimize the risk of allergies. They are guaranteed to contain no surfactants, petrochemical preservatives or synthetic colorants.

"We're delighted with this new collaboration, which reinforces our desire to develop our business in the PACA region. At TechnicoFlor, we work for the whole world. It would be a shame if the region's cosmetics and perfumery companies had to look elsewhere for the talent available nearby", explains François Patrick Sabater, President of TechnicoFlor, about this collaboration.

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