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GS1 France deploys the GS1 augmented QR code in the cosmetics industry 

GS1 France announces the deployment of its new identification standard, the GS1 QR Code Augmented, in the cosmetics industry. From now on, manufacturers and consumers of cosmetic products will have access to an informational tool capable of bridging the gap between physical products and the digital world. It's a genuine medium that opens up new, responsible uses for consumers, and circular ones for manufacturers.

"We are pleased to announce the launch of our new GS1 QR Code standard for the cosmetics industry, designed to replace the barcode. It is the only standard adapted to the many new French and European regulations. The cosmetics sector is undergoing a major ecological and scientific transformation. It is a real relay of information for the consumer".says Didier Veloso, CEO of GS1 France.

Opening up the field of uses, creating a responsible cosmetics experience

According to the Greenflex-Ademe barometer published in 2023, for 84 % of French people companies and brands are required to take concrete action in favor of responsible consumption.

The GS1 Enhanced QR Code gives consumers instant access to a wealth of online information on cosmetics products: composition, origin, advice on use, tutorials, CSR commitments, and more. For example, it guarantees greater transparency on the composition of products often used directly on the skin.

This new mode of product identification is a vector for new manufacturing and consumption paradigms. By embedding an infinite quantity of data, it makes it easier to choose, sort, recycle, resell, repair, share, upgrade and so on. A shift from container to content, from product to use, heralding new modes of consumption.

Transforming product labels into genuine media

Previously, the amount of information that could be communicated to the consumer was limited by the physical format of the label, a simple square of paper. Now, thanks to the GS1 QR Code Augmented, the label can be used to link a physical medium - the packaging - to a digital medium. This link makes it possible to build services that complement the use of the product, such as the production of content tailored to the consumer's expectations. It is now possible to accompany or guide consumers during their experience: share a tutorial on how to apply make-up, dye hair, or even how to apply a particular cream. With the GS1 Augmented QR Code, the product is enriched with an experience.

The GS1 Augmented QR Code, a springboard for the circular economy

Article 13 of the Agec law (Anti-waste for a circular economy) requires producers and importers of products to inform consumers about environmental aspects such as recyclability, repairability, durability, etc., via marking or labeling. This information must be accessible at the time of purchase, and also available to the public in electronic form.

The GS1 Augmented QR Code is the only way to embed an infinie amount of French and European regulatory information. What's more, GS1 standards are already a common language for 2 million companies, from major manufacturers to young brands. A real success story, positioning it as the best tool for companies to scale up towards a globalized circular economy.

Photo taken from "Guide technique de mise en œuvre des standards GS1, accompagnement à la digitalisation de la filière cosmétique" available on the website:

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