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Saturday, November 26, 2022
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The Consulting Company The Smell - Taste Lab Expands Its Offer

The Smell & Taste Lab, a consulting and expertise company in R&D, innovation and marketing in the fields of perfumes and cosmetics, for beauty and health, offers a new offer: hedging, on behalf of its customers , trade fair, conference and symposium type events, by providing them with reports or proceedings.

The Smell & Taste Lab supports national companies as well as international groups, throughout the value chain around three main activities organized in three poles of excellence: "Innovation", "Development of new products", "Workshop & Education ”. The company is positioned as a creator of values and a catalyst for innovation for its customers in the perfume and cosmetics industry. “The Smell & Taste Lab was born from my passion for scents and the sensory, and my curiosity for their impact on our well-being and our health,” says Anne Abriat, engineer and perfume chemist, founder of the company.

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