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Monday, November 28, 2022
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Aluminum, an endlessly recyclable material, at the heart of sustainable thinking at G. Pivaudran

The company g.pivaudran, market leader in aluminum components for perfumery and cosmetics exhibited at the “Special Edition By Luxe Pack” fair in Paris.

A player committed to the environmental approach, g.pivaudran is pushing back the boundaries of aluminum for an ever more sustainable material. “We have been very active for several years at g.pivaudran and we take into account aluminum as a material at the heart of our sustainable development thinking” underlines Marc Pivaudran.

Towards a new avenue of reflection in the packaging of luxury products

Infinitely recyclable, aluminum is a natural mineral that is inherently sustainable. Currently only using metal in its purest form, the sustainable development strategy at g.pivaudran is to reflect on the integration of recycled aluminum in the responsible luxury sector. “99.85%: this is the level of purity currently displayed by the aluminum used by g.pivaudran to meet the requirements of the luxury industry,” specifies Marc Pivaudran. With our supplier, we have undertaken reflections and technical tests to verify in what proportions it would be relevant to integrate recycled aluminum in the stamped parts that we produce, without altering the possibilities offered by this material from the point of view. shaping. The first challenge is not to lose any of the mechanical qualities of aluminum ”. The second challenge is to get luxury brands to engage in the development of new products that will increasingly take into account "recycled".

A local "Win-Win" commitment: An initiative in favor of responsible production

Locally, the company has implemented a responsible waste policy at the level of the production lines but also in all the offices and proceeds to the treatment of its effluents directly on the two sites of Souillac in the Lot: “From the 90s, We have a wastewater treatment plant to treat the effluents from our anodizing lines at the source. For 3 years, these treated effluents have been sent to the sewage treatment plant in the town of Souillac to be treated a second time: it turns out that by physicochemical synergy, integrating our discharges makes it possible to improve the treatment of wastewater from the city to obtain better quality discharges ”. In the space of four years, we have reduced our energy consumption by 30%. At the same time, we have halved our water consumption. "Today, we recover all of our production waste and we are proud of it" specifies Marc Pivaudran.
A very rewarding initiative for the company, the municipality and the environment.

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