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Tuesday December 6th, 2022
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The Natrue label supports the boom in natural and organic products

It's no longer a niche market! Natural and organic cosmetics have acquired a popularity among a new generation of "conscious consumers" that requires them to inform their choices. This is the role of an international label such as Natrue.

In 2020, the Covid19 epidemic first caused the cosmetics market to falter. It led to a decline in sales across Europe, of around 16% in Germany, 20% in France and 24% in the United Kingdom. Only the share of e-commerce has increased. Today, this industry is showing signs of recovery: the Research And Markets Institute forecasts an annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.82% by 2026.

With the pandemic, many consumers have taken stock of both the fragility of human health and the close link between humans and their planet. This awareness leads them to be concerned about the negative impact of their choices on the environment and therefore to seek to reduce it. Thus, in Europe as in the United States, there has been an overall increase of +40% in demand for natural, organic and planet-friendly products since 2020, and a real boom also in Asia.

For non-food products such as cosmetics and hygiene products, sales of products with a "sustainable" claim increased by 10.2%, 5.1% for the "organic" claim, 20.3% for "biodegradable", and 54.4% for "compostable packaging" (Nielsen Institute).

In France, Statista's Consumer Market Outlook estimates that the turnover of natural and organic cosmetics will reach 378.8 million euros in 2025, making it the second largest market in Europe, after Germany.

Natrue measured the emergence of these "conscious consumers" in 2021, during a study commissioned by the Mindline Institute, carried out among German and French citizens.

Labels such as Natrue guarantee authentically natural and organic quality of formulations

Advocates of natural and organic products are legitimately concerned about all that greenwashing represents, which turns its back on legitimate expectations of clarity and ethics.

In this respect, labels such as Natrue provide the following guarantees:

– ensuring that an external and independent body monitors compliance with the criteria requested;

– continuous improvement of standards so that formulations correspond to scientific and regulatory developments;

– the availability of products at organic retailers;

– a label that meets consumer expectations (no substances derived from GMOs, silicones, parabens, microplastics, synthetic fragrances or mineral oils are allowed in the formulation of products bearing the Natrue label);

– support in the event of an interrogation by the supervisory authorities;

– Binding commitment against greenwashing

The Natrue label is recognized as a safety element guaranteeing the authentically natural and organic quality of the formulation. Consumers can be assured that all products bearing the Natrue label are truly natural and/or organic.

In a sector without an official definition within an industry subject to strict regulation, greenwashing and questions about the availability of quality raw materials have become a major concern for both consumers and manufacturers. A strict definition of the regulation of natural and organic cosmetics and ingredients is needed to guarantee consumers the quality finished products they are entitled to expect. For this reason, Natrue not only owns the Natrue standard, but as an international association regularly works at high-level meetings to advance the industry's point of view.

Also, Natrue has been involved (and continues to be) in various projects in the fields of scientific research/innovation and regulatory affairs, on which the association brings its expertise.

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