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Cosmetics and sport, the theme of the 14th edition of U'cosmetics

The 14th edition of U'Cosmetics, organized by UCO Bretagne Nord, will take place on March 16, 2023 on the theme of "Cosmetics & Sport: let's innovate around the beauty of sport!". Our University is a real center of expertise in cosmetics, offering a curriculum geared towards the professional world. With this in mind, 14 years ago the UCO Bretagne Nord, a true pioneer, created the first student competition and professional symposium focusing on cosmetic innovation.
It brings together major players from industry, academia and the international institutional world to make progress on a theme that changes every year. The aim is to develop a collective innovation dynamic within the cosmetics industry.
In 2023, U'Cosmetics invites you to discover its new edition under the theme "Cosmetics and Sport: Innovating for the beauty of sport". Cosmetics for sport are products that enable you to look after your image, even during exercise, but also ranges that reinforce and prolong the effects of sporting activity by providing beneficial effects for health and the body. The products on offer can therefore meet needs at every moment: before, during or after exercise (preparation, resistance, recovery). There are many examples of problems encountered by sportsmen and women: redness, perspiration, runny make-up, dehydrated skin, irritation, shine, resistance to extreme conditions for certain activities, etc. Sportsmen and women will be looking for practical, multi-functional products, combining technicality and sensoriality. Packaging innovations are also an inspiring source of inspiration for adapting to the different practices of each individual.
Sport is a sector that makes extensive use of cosmetics. Cosmetics brands seek to meet the needs of athletes through innovation.

U'Cosmetics: 2 events in one day

- Professional symposium
The theme of ITCosmetics 2023 is Cosmetics and Sport. A wide range of presentations will be given by professionals. The symposium will provide an opportunity to discover all the facets of cosmetics for sport. Various themes will be addressed: What is the regulatory framework for these cosmetic products? What are the levers of innovation for brands offering products for sports enthusiasts? What are the ingredients and innovative textures involved? What are the marketing aspects for promoting cosmetics in the sports world?
Industrialists, professionals, academics: all are invited to take part in the day's discussions with professionals, experts and the trade press!
- Student competitions
The ITCosmetics competition is France's one and only student competition in cosmetics formulation and innovation. Any student in the field of cosmetics, from Bac+3 to Bac+5, can take part. In 2023, teams of 1 to 5 students will innovate on the theme of Cosmetics and Sport.
They can compete in one of two categories:
Category Innovation Formulation This category is intended for projects presenting a finished product that complies with European regulations on cosmetic products, and must feature at least one innovation related to the theme of Cosmetics and Sport. Only formulated products may compete in this category. The jury will pay particular attention to the steps taken to formulate the product and to highlight its innovative character (formulation, choice of raw materials, technical issues, process, etc.).

Innovative Concept Category This category is intended for projects presenting an innovative concept in line with the Cosmetics and Sport theme. The jury will pay particular attention to the originality of the concept presented, as well as to the marketing approach, the market study, the promotion of the innovative character, the brand universe, etc. To compete in this category, it is not necessary to present a finished, formulated product. However, for the pre-selection stage, it is possible to provide any element that may help to present the concept: mock-up, prototype, etc.

On March 16, 2023, the 10 teams selected will present their projects to the jury, professionals and students in attendance. The teams with the most innovative projects will be awarded four prizes:
- 1st prize for formulation innovation
- 2nd prize for formulation innovation
- Innovative concept award
- Philippe COLLAS Special Prize (Internet users' favorite)

Key competition dates

October 2022: Registration opens
December 12, 2022: Deadline for receipt of individual declarations of commitment and registration forms
January 22, 2023: Deadline for receipt of digital file documents (teaser video, technical files and summary sheets).
February 1, 2023: Deadline for receipt of application documents (files, etc.)
and samples/prototypes by post.
Mid-February 2023: Pre-selection jury
February 27, 2023: Deadline for PowerPoint presentations
March 16, 2023: Competition final - Presentation of finalist projects and prize-giving ceremony

Scientific and Technical Committee

The U'Cosmetics event is supported by a committee of cosmetics professionals. The committee is made up of :
- Marion AUFFRET: Technical & Regulatory Manager - Ingretech
- Caroline BASSONI: Institutional and Public Relations Manager - COSMED
- Roland CONANEC: Head of cosmetics development & ingredients projects - Biotech Santé Bretagne
- Elodie GOUBIL: U'Cosmetics event manager - UCO Bretagne Nord
- Sandrine JALAIS: U'Cosmetics Communications Manager - UCO Bretagne Nord
- Liza LE PARANTHOEN: Industry coordinator - Technopôle Anticipa
- Sandrine MORVAN : Manager - DCLI-C
- Stéphane POIGNY: R&D Director France - Mibelle Biochemistry

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