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Tuesday August 9th, 2022
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The Quadpack Twist Up tube offers a new gesture and innovative protection of the formula


New ingredients and application methods are revolutionizing skin care products, so why not do the same with their packaging? Quadpack launched the Twist Up Tube to meet the demands of brands, who want excellent formula protection and a friendly user experience.

Its rotating mechanism makes it easy to open and close the nozzle, and to dose precisely while preventing the formula from drying out. The Twist Up tube is equipped with a flip-top cap, which facilitates a clean and controlled distribution of the product and represents the ideal solution for travelers, thus avoiding unpleasant surprises when they open their toiletry bag.

Premium and pharmaceutical brands will benefit from the enhanced protection of their product thanks to the tube sleeve, available in a five-layer version for sensitive formulas. Other options such as Luxefoil, including an aluminum coating, are under study.

Quadpack launches the Twist Up tube on the European market in a strategic partnership with Yonwoo. It is available in diameter 30 for a capacity of between 30 ml and 70 ml, and offers many decoration possibilities.

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