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Laboratoires Boiron launch CBD by Boiron

Today, 80 % of French people have already heard of CBD, and 66 % would like to know more about this molecule extracted from cannabis¹. Among French people aged between 30 and 50, 59 % see it as a real health solution². 

Laboratoires Boiron, which has been offering plant-based health solutions for over 90 years, is launching new CBD-based cosmetics. As CBD is a fragile active ingredient, they have chosen an innovative process to preserve it: encapsulation. CBD molecules are incorporated into capsules that are easily assimilated by the skin: niosomes. "Concentrated in this way, the benefits of CBD remain intact until they are released at the heart of the epidermis. Precisely where the skin needs them.says Laboratoires Boiron.

Plants from cannabis Sativa selected by Laboratoires Boiron are all organically grown. As soon as they are harvested, the leaves and flowers are rapidly transported to preserve all their active ingredients. CBD molecules are then extracted and isolated from other cannabinoids, such as THC, before being encapsulated in niosomes.

The formulas of these new CBD-based products are composed of over 95 % of ingredients of natural origin.3 .

Packaging is partially recycled and recyclable4. The majority of the boxes are made from cardboard manufactured from organic residues from agro-industrial processes, containing 40% of post-consumer recycled fiber.

CBD By Boiron products are made in France, at Laboratoires Boiron in Messimy (Rhône).

1 Quantitative online study on CBD, conducted in July 2022 by Boiron via the Toluna Start panel, in France, on a nationally representative sample of 903 adults in terms of gender, age, region and socio-professional category.

2 Online consumer study on CBD, conducted in January 2021 by Expansion Consulteam, among 300 consumers of OTC - CPAL - phytotherapy products.

3 According to ISO 16128.

4 Except for the roll-on tube, which is neither recycled nor recyclable.

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