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Cosmetics industry on TikTok: five key trends for 2023

The rise of the Action France brand, ultra-worked challenges, a warning about animal testing, a boom in male influencers... TikTok is reshuffling the cards in the cosmetics industry.

Visibrain, the social network intelligence tool, deciphers the beauty sector on TikTok between May and August 2023.

Trend 1: the rise of low-price general retailers on TikTok

Maybelline, NYX, Kiko... Budget cosmetics brands are a hit with Internet users and are among the most frequently mentioned brands on TikTok, ahead of YSL, Fenty and Lancôme.

But it's not just cosmetics brands that attract Internet users. Low-price, generalist brands are on the rise, like Action France, the most-mentioned cosmetics brand on TikTok, just after Maybelline. To a lesser extent, Normal and Primark are also regularly mentioned in the videos.

Trend 2: increasingly sophisticated challenges

Initially known for its viral challenges, TikTok continues to be fueled by this format, which has not left the social network, but has been transformed. TikTok's cosmetics sector is thriving, as these challenges have become a way of working. One example is creator @sachacvl's "100yearsofbeauty", which retraces the different make-up eras in just a few seconds.

Trend 3: TikTokeurs call for help on animal abuse

The exploitation of animals in cosmetics laboratories is causing controversy on the social network. The staging of Ralph the rabbit in a video by Human Society International aims to raise awareness of animal conditions.

The video, relayed by @julie.lpnn is, for example, the most viewed (8 million views) and the most liked (1 million likes) when it comes to cosmetics on TikTok.

Trend 4: The heyday of male influencers on TikTok

Gone are the days when the cosmetics industry attracted only female influencers! And for good reason, two men have made it into the top 10 most influential beauty TikTokeurs ("Fabian CRFX" and "Un garçon stupide"). Together, they rack up almost 2.5 million likes on their videos. 

Trend 5: brands attack TikTok: Les Secrets de Loly, Nocibé, Printemps among the most influential

Many cosmetics brands have jumped on the TikTok bandwagon, and are developing their content on the social engagement network. Surfing astrology trends for one, announcing the arrival of new brands for another or presenting selections for yet another brand, all ideas are good for communicating on TikTok.

Les Secrets de Loly, Nocibé France, Printemps, Schwarzkopf Professional and Normal France are the five brands with the most likes on TikTok.

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