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Tuesday August 16th, 2022
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Laboratoires Expanscience becomes a company with a mission


Expanscience continues its pioneering path in CSR: after becoming the first pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetic laboratory B Corp in 2018, Expanscience becomes a company with a mission to "help individuals shape their well-being".

A French family business committed to CSR for more than 15 years, Expanscience is taking a major step forward in its transition to a positive impact model. Expanscience thus joins more than 400 pioneering French companies that have opted for the quality of mission company introduced by the Pacte law in 2019.

As a company with a mission, Expanscience is publicly committed to working for the common good through its purpose of "helping individuals shape their well-being" and the following social and environmental goals:

  • Design products and services useful for well-being, eco-socio-designed and always more inspired by nature and the living.
  • Help its employees to be actors in their development and build with them a more inclusive and supportive company.
  • Contribute to the achievement of global climate objectives, the protection and regeneration of biodiversity.
  • Mobilize its communities and ecosystem to build together a business model with a positive impact on society, individuals and their environment.

From B Corp to company to mission, a voluntary commitment

Expanscience has always been convinced that corporate responsibility does not stop at its products: this is why the company signed the United Nations Global Compact in 2004 and put CSR at the heart of its strategy. Over the years, Expanscience has developed by reconciling economic performance and social, societal and environmental commitment. After being the 1st pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetic laboratory in the world certified B Corp in 2018, Expanscience is aware that being a better company for the world is doing more! Its new CSR strategy, impACT, responds to these challenges. The company has set ambitious goals at 10 and 20 years to become a positive impact and regenerative company. As a society with a mission, it now structures its action around its raison d'être – to help individuals shape their well-being – to contribute voluntarily to the common good, within the framework of the Pacte law.

The quality of company with a mission is accompanied by a specific governance system: the mission committee. Composed of at least one employee and external persons, this mission committee will meet twice a year to evaluate the means implemented by Expanscience to contribute to its raison d'être and the actions put in place by the company to achieve its statutory objectives. These advances will be made public through a mission report that will be audited every two years by an Independent Third Party Organization (ITO).

"Reconciling economic, social and environmental performance has been at the heart of Expanscience's strategy for many years and our commitment as a B Corp. By becoming a company with a mission, Expanscience is taking another step to accelerate its transition to a model with a positive impact: we structure our business model around our purpose – to help individuals shape their well-being – and social and environmental objectives, we publicly commit to work for the common good and to take into account the expectations of our stakeholders", said Jean-Paul Berthomé, President of Laboratoires Expanscience.

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