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Monday, November 28, 2022
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Inpi certifies geographical indication "absolute Grasse Country"

A new geographical indication is approved by the National Institute of Industrial Property this Friday, November 6, date of publication of the notice in the Official Journal: the "absolute Pays de Grasse". This is the tenth approved geographical indication by Inpi since the entry into force of the device, after the siege of Liffol (December 2016), granite from Brittany (January 2017), porcelain from Limoges (December 2017), stone from Burgundy (June 2018), Garnet from Perpignan (November 2018), Aubusson carpet (December 2018), Aubusson tapestry (December 2018), Charente-Périgord (March 2019) and marble stones from Rhône-Alpes (November 2019) ).

The “Grasse Absolute” label recognizes the quality of Grasse absolutes, resulting from two emblematic skills of the territory since the 18th century, that of farmers producing perfume plants and that of industrial processors.

An approach initiated by the association Les Fleurs d'Exception du Pays de Grasse

The operators of the geographical indication (GI) are manufacturers. However, it is an association of farmers who initiated the process, Les Fleurs d'Exception du Pays de Grasse, which brings together producers of perfume plants certified in organic farming. The latter has been working since 2006 for the preservation and enhancement of local scent plants. To carry out this mission successfully, it was necessary to acquire a quality label. The extension of GIs to industrial and artisanal products in 2015 was timely. Since then, it has never ceased to unite the actors of the sector around the interest of this approach with the help and support of the Community of Agglomeration of the Pays de Grasse and its president Jérôme Viaud, to succeed in 2018 at the first working meeting devoted to the development of the IG specifications, bringing together the Fleurs d'Exception association, the seven industrial operators, the Pays de Grasse Agglomeration Community and Prodarom.

Firmenich, Jean Gazignaire SAS, LMR Naturals by IFF, Mane, Payan Bertrand SA, Robertet and Sotraflor, the seven companies concerned by this certification represent 90% of the processors of perfume plants in the geographical area concerned.

Absolute or absolute essences, an olfactory concentrate obtained after extracting plants, are one of the raw materials in the perfumer's palette. The absolutes, subject of the GI, must meet two criteria: have been produced in the area identified as a historic area of cultivation of perfume plants straddling the Alpes Maritimes, Var and Alpes de Haute Provence, and be from plants picked or grown in the same area. Jasmine, Centifolia rose, tuberose, iris, bay leaf, Madonna lily, lavender, mimosa, thyme, mint, hay, sage, sour orange blossom, violet leaves, geranium ..., a total of 28 plants are affected by the label, 28 plants which have made the success and renown of the perfume capital.

The described absolute manufacturing process can be broken down into two stages. The first: the extraction of the vegetable raw material or biomass with a volatile solvent, by supercritical fluid or enfleurage, in order to obtain a floral ointment called "concrete". The second step consists of the transformation of the primary extract into absolute (alcoholic washing, glazing, filtration, preconcentration and final concentration under vacuum).

Satisfied manufacturers

Industrialists and farmers rely on this label to give the absolute essences produced in Grasse the place of excellence they deserve on the international market.

“As one of the leading perfume houses in natural products and sustainable development, we are very proud to participate in this initiative aimed at recognizing the know-how of the Grasse region. This certification will provide a clear benefit to our customers and their consumers, a guarantee that their products are of the highest quality, locally made, according to the famous traditions of Grasse, a Unesco World Heritage site ”, says Julien Firmenich, vice-president of sales, ingredients, perfumery at Firmenich.

"This GI will make it possible to highlight the products of the Pays de Grasse which have a quality and a specificity recognized by perfumers around the world, thanks to the work of farmers, the microclimate and the century-old know-how of manufacturers", adds Marc Philippe, LMR Naturals by IFF company.

“The cultivation and processing of aromatic and medicinal scent plants (PPAM) are the tradition and heritage of the Pays de Grasse. This certification is invaluable, it will indeed make it possible to promote our expertise in the extraction and distillation of natural raw materials but also to secure the production of PPAM in the territory. In our family, we have been working on developing the flower industry for five generations, it is at the heart of our history; today we are delighted that this certification recognizes, protects and promotes know-how and a tradition ”, concludes Cécile Mul, director of the companies Sotraflor and Jean Gazignaire.

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