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Tuesday December 6th, 2022
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Lip Comfort Oil from Clarins, a must revealed by Texen

Clarins presents a new version of its iconic Lip Comfort Oil range launched in a round pack and featuring eight tinted natural oils promising colour, glossy shine and care in line with the Hybrid Make Up trend.  Texen continues its historic collaboration with the brand, this time in the makeup segment.

For this launch, Clarins wanted to combine the new design of the pack with the technicality required to apply a colored skincare oil. In addition, it chose Texen's 100% European production. The company stood out on these points and took up the challenge of an extremely tight market launch.

Design and precision

For this realization, Texen took care of the production and assembly of the parts: the hood and the fret engraved and metallized gold, the brush holder and the spinner and the bottle which offers a very premium thick bottom and guarantees the protection of the formula by a specific treatment. Its development required particular vigilance, particularly on the spinner. It was a question of adapting to the ergonomics of the applicator chosen by the brand and developing a spin to deposit the right drop of oil in favor of an "optimal application and a voluptuous gesture". This work owes its success to the collaboration between the marketing and development teams of Clarins and Texen, up to conducting the application tests and the adjustment of the spinner in real time.

A decoration to the millimeter

The decoration of the brand is engraved in the mold on the fret and on the top of the hood with a perfect indexing of the patterns and letrines between the two pieces bringing an alignment in favor of the good visibility of the brand. Available in eight standard shades, the Lip Comfort Oil product is tailor-made via a concept of the brand called "Lipgloss Factory". This allows the consumer to create her own shade and order it online. The Lip Comfort Oil range, on the border between skincare and makeup, does not seem to have said its last word.

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