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Tuesday October 3, 2023
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Clarins Lip Comfort Oil, a must-have revealed by Texen

Clarins presents a new version of its iconic Lip Comfort Oil range, launched in a round pack and featuring eight tinted natural oils promising color, glossy shine and care in line with the Hybrid Make Up trend. Texen continues its long-standing collaboration with the brand, this time in the make-up segment.

For this launch, Clarins wanted to combine the new pack design with the technicality required for the application of a colored skincare oil. In addition, it chose Texen's European 100 % production. The company distinguished itself on these points, and met the challenge of an extremely tight time-to-market.

Design and precision

For this project, Texen took charge of production and assembly of the parts: the engraved and gold-metallized cap and collar, the brush holder and wringer, and the bottle, which features a thick, premium base and guarantees protection of the formula through a specific treatment. Its development required particular care, especially for the wringer. This involved adapting to the ergonomics of the applicator chosen by the brand, and perfecting a wringer that deposits just the right drop of oil for "optimal application and a voluptuous gesture". This project owes its success to the collaboration between the marketing and development teams at Clarins and Texen, including application tests and real-time adjustment of the wringer.

Set design by the millimetre

The brand's decoration is engraved in the mold on the collar and on the top of the cap, with perfect indexing of the motifs and latrines between the two parts, ensuring good brand visibility. Available in eight standard shades, Lip Comfort Oil is also available in a bespoke Lipgloss Factory concept. This allows consumers to create their own shade and order it online. The Lip Comfort Oil range, on the borderline between skincare and make-up, doesn't seem to have said its last word.

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