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Lucibel unveils OVE Mini, a nomadic light therapy device

Lucibel, a player in the field of light technologies, presents OVE Mini, a new cosmetic light device in a small, handy and elegant format. OVE Mini completes the OVE collection and, thanks to its freedom of use, ushers in a new stage in skin care and well-being through photobiomodulation.

The OVE Mini, equipped with 10 light sources, concentrates all Lucibel's expertise on LED light. This smartphone-sized design object can treat all areas of the body with agility, targeting them as needed.

The signature of Lucibel's cosmetic expertise, red LED light has a holistic action on three zones, each corresponding to three types of dedicated care, in order to :

  • revitalize the scalp, increase hair density and prevent hair loss,
  • sublimate the body by reducing the depth of stretch marks and the volume of cellulite,
  • smoothes the face with an energizing action that improves dermal firmness and elasticity, reduces wrinkle hollows and regulates excess sebum.

The OVE Mini's performance is the result of both scientific and technical expertise. In designing this technological jewel, Lucibel has jointly mobilized its R&D teams and partner doctors to guarantee optimized efficacy that respects every skin type. Its portable format makes it an everyday product, an extension of the OVE beauty mask and the light-based skincare protocols devised by Lucibel.

Michèle Pelletier, a dermatologist specializing in photobiomodulation and Lucibel's scientific advisor for the past 10 years, said: "The design of the OVE Mini follows in the wake of numerous scientific studies confirming the effectiveness of red light treatments over the past 30 years. The benefits obtained following repeated exposure to the light emitted by OVE Mini have been clinically demonstrated and are at the cutting edge of 'ever-innovative' photobiomodulation efficacy."

Frédéric Granotier, founder and CEO of Lucibel, added: "The design of the OVE Mini is part of Lucibel's drive to expand through innovation in its cosmetics vertical. This device focuses all Lucibel's expertise on red light. With OVE Mini, we're bringing photobiomodulation within everyone's reach, with the ambition of writing a new page for light-based cosmetics in the service of our customers' beauty."

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