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Industrial processes

A new manipulator for palletizing and depalletizing bags of all kinds

With a multi-sector target market (agri-food, cosmetics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, packaging, etc.) requiring industrial handling, Dalmec markets a new standard Partner manipulator type PSC, designed and developed in column-mounted execution, for palletizing and depalletizing bags of all types, containers, weights and materials (fabric, plastic, paper, etc.). 

With a maximum force of 50 kg, a maximum radius of action of 2900 mm, and a vertical travel of 2000 mm, the Partner PSC is the ideal equipment for handling bags at all speeds, even in workshops with limited space. A stainless steel version has also been developed to meet the handling needs of "clean" industries (e.g.: food processing, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc.).

Equipped with a brand-new self-regulating electric vacuum pump system and a suction cup gripper adapted to the application, the tool features low-profile controls to facilitate all types of maneuvering. 

This new equipment provides assistance in bag handling by both reproducing operators' usual movements, facilitating employees' work and eliminating the weight of the load, physical effort and therefore the risk of RSI. Handling is carried out even when cantilevered, under optimum ergonomic and safetý conditions, with complete ease and no effort at all.

Thus, ensuring high maneuverability of movements, physical effort and RSI risks are annihilated with completely improved working conditions, ultimately offering a remarkable gain in productivity for the operator. This new integration of vacuum provides extraordinary ergonomic advantages for bag handling in working environments with low ceilings, enabling the operator to use the manipulator freely in the workspace. 

In addition to optimized ergonomics, the new Partner PSC manipulator has been designed to offer operators greater comfort, productivity and safety, whatever their field of activity, thus consolidating Dalmec's reputation for the design and production of anti-TMS multi-sector industrial handling solutions.

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