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Lumson and biotherm for aquapower advanced gel

Two names for one great product. On one side Biotherm, the famous international brand, and on the other Lumson, the Italian leader in primary packaging and distribution systems for the cosmetics industry, and in the middle Aquapower Advanced Gel Homme.   

Aquapower Advanced Gel Homme is an ultra-moisturizing skin care product for men. Thanks to its proven experience in airless systems, Lumson has created exclusive packaging: a glass airless with a pouch system that protects the formula from contamination and guarantees optimal product distribution. 

The shape of water 

For Biotherm, the shape of beauty is inspired by water. The design of the new airless packaging is the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. The bottle's square shape, softened by rounded edges, gives the impression of having been created by the flow of ocean waves. The color - the brand's emblematic green - evokes freshness and hydration, two of the gel's benefits. Sensoriality is also a distinctive feature of the packaging developed for Biotherm. The airless bottle features a soft-touch finish that makes it pleasant to the touch and protects it from fingerprints, while reflecting the Gel's mattifying effect. The solution's sustainable footprint gives it added value: it uses 40 % of recycled glass, while the pump and cap are both styrene-free. The packaging developed for Aquapower Gel is part of a new range of square-shaped airless solutions that share their shape and finish, and have been developed in different formats (50, 75, 100 ml) and colors, which Biotherm has chosen to use in some cases as repackaging for products already in their collection, and in other cases for new Homme products.

Lumson technology and know-how 

Thanks to the multi-layer pouch and patented hermetic closure system, Lumson airless pouch systems are the epitaph of Lumson's aesthetic research and technology. 

Solutions that offer, in addition to formula safety, functionality (perfect product distribution) and sustainability (from the use of recycled glass to the possibility of separating the various packaging components and disposing of them using the appropriate recycling channel). 

Another aspect to consider is the multitude of customization options. The shapes and materials available, combined with the finishes and decorations that can be applied, give brands the opportunity to choose the solution that best suits their needs, enhancing the character and personality of each product. 

Lumson will be present at the next Luxe Pack Monaco 2022, which takes place from October 3 to 5 at the Grimaldi Forum Monaco, Hall Ravel - stand RD05.

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