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Neomist formulates a custom serum cream in 15 minutes

Skin Rendez-Vous combines innovative formulation technology with the expertise of a cosmetologist to create a tailor-made cream-serum that meets the expectations and needs of everyone's skin. Through a personalized beauty consultation, cosmetologist neomist directly develops a Skin Rendez-Vous product combining the various active ingredients selected and adapted to the skin, meeting everyone's expectations.

The unique and personalized product is created in 15 minutes and 3 steps:

  1. Discussion of expectations
  2. Skin diagnosis
  3. Creation of the unique product in 30 ml format

The cosmetic concentrates and perfumed bases prepared upstream in the laboratory have the power to mix instantly with each other. Thus, the 100% natural Skin Rendez-Vous assets each have very specific properties: anti-aging, healing, softening, toning, radiance, repairing, moisturizing, antioxidant ... The unique 100% active texture of the wpe formulation contained in the Skin Rendez-Vous is fluid and non-greasy and quickly penetrates the heart of the epidermis.

The result of 10 years of research, the WPE ( Water Plant Emulsion ) patent is THE secret of Skin Rendez-Vous. This process makes it possible to obtain a very high concentration of natural active ingredients in the form of microscopic droplets, the Ultradrops, by not using any chemical encapsulation process. This process makes it possible to combine the different Skin Rendez-Vous active concentrates in a simple and instant manner and to create a liquid cream-serum with unique active efficacy.


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