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Nuwen: 3 powder hygiene technologies at In Cosmetics Global

Nuwen, expert in powder cosmetics, has developed 3 technologies of powder hygiene products in order to offer different galenic and gestural uses. The products will be available on a test area on the Nuwen stand X57.

Nuwen is a manufacturer of finished cosmetic products and has been the specialist in powder cosmetics in France for 35 years. The company has launched a range of powdered hygiene products in 2021, and in 2022, a shower gel in pellets to be dissolved in water.

A complete and eco-responsible range of hygiene products

The challenge taken up by Nuwen's R&D team is to respect the formulation specifications by taking into account environmental responsibility, the use of essential natural ingredients and sensoriality. These three technologies are then declined in different formulas to be applied to hands, body or hair.

Discover 3 ways to consume in an eco-responsible way while keeping your habits and adapting to your lifestyle.

By choosing to formulate waterless cosmetics, Nuwen offers cosmetic brands a real solution to reduce the water footprint. The company has chosen to promote responsible consumption of cosmetics by formulating waterless cosmetics to offer a real solution to reduce the water footprint. Waterless products are more compact, leave less waste behind and are lighter to carry.

The 3 technologies of hygiene products

Powder to be diluted

The powder to be diluted requires a mixing step with water to obtain a cleansing gel with a texture and foaming power comparable to classic liquid products. The easily refillable product is ready to use instantly.

Dissolving tablet, Tab&Care by Nuwen

The tablet is the result of a compression of powder composed of natural ingredients and allows to deliver the right dose of the product. The tablets are added to a bottle of water and dissolve in 24 hours to obtain a classic shower gel.

Concentrated powder

The concentrated powder turns into foam when it comes into contact with the water used in washing. It is available in a cleansing or exfoliating formula.

Find all Nuwen's powder hygiene products to test at the In Cosmetics show on booth X57.

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