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Aptar Beauty acquires iD Scent, expert in paper-based fragrance sampling solutions

Aptar Beauty, a leading innovator in packaging distribution solutions for beauty brands worldwide, acquires iD Scent, an expert in paper-based fragrance sampling solutions with multiple sustainability benefits.

iD Scent will strengthen and enrich Aptar's portfolio of fragrance sampling solutions with paper-based products, customizable for each beauty brand and fully adapted to e-commerce. iD Scent also brings a proprietary manufacturing process and active ingredients.
iD Scent was founded in 2004 by Michel Caffon in Lyon, France and has developed unique know-how in scented paper technology, offering a wide range of paper samples, combined with unrivalled expertise in remanence. iD Scent is a recognized player within the beauty industry and has received several awards, including the Prix Forme de Luxe in 2020 and a Cosmetic Mag Award in 2021 for its patented innovation, Scentouch, launched in 2019. The papers used for Scentouch comply with a number of commitments, including Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification.

Marc Prieur, President of Aptar Beauty, said, " iD Scent meets the growing demand for more eco-friendly fragrance samples. The combination of Aptar's global presence and iD Scent's unique capabilities will enable even more collaborations to serve our customers' sustainability objectives. iD Scent's offer is made from paper, helping to promote recyclability. This partnership reinforces Aptar's commitment to a more circular economy, where packaging materials can be easily recycled. "

Maxime Caffon and Julie Naso, company co-managers, added, " Since its creation, iD Scent has grown by innovating to reduce the environmental impact of the fragrance discovery process, while remaining true to its family values. From the outset, we were convinced that, even if a sample is by definition disposable, we could make it sustainable. We're proud to have succeeded in our challenge, the result of our brotherly complementarity and close collaboration with our entire team! We're delighted to be joining forces with Aptar, as its commercial and industrial strength, combined with our know-how, will accelerate the essential greening of the international sample market. "

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