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PAT launches a moisturizing active ingredient to combat pollution

Plant Advanced Technologies (PAT), a specialist in natural active ingredients, presented HydraQueen Exudactive, an active ingredient extracted from the roots of Spiraea ulmaria.

Also known as Meadowsweet, Spiraea ulmaria is "a natural treasure trove of molecules with proven biological activities for the skin", according to the company. Its richness in secondary metabolites is multiplied by 8* thanks to a stimulation process.

Hydration and pollution control

HydraQueen Exudactive is a moisturizing, skin barrier-restructuring, anti-pollution and energizing active ingredient. Efficacy tests have been carried out. PAT reports the following results:

  • Restores the fragile balance of the skin's barrier function (+52% at D14)
  • Helps defend skin against pollution (TEER +17% on stressed mature skin), dehydration and environmental stress
  • Maintains internal hydration (+60% at D14) and protects against external irritants
  • Helps repair and strengthen sensitive skin

PAT also reports that HydraQueen Exudactive has demonstrated antioxidant and anti-free radical activities (via biological efficacy tests). in vitro and in vivo).

Exudactive technology (the new name for the "milking plant" process developed by PAT) provides easy access to the plant's roots. Spiraea ulmariaunder controlled and optimized conditions, leading to responsible sourcing and production of agrimonine, the original active compound first discovered in plants - particularly abundant in roots grown and stimulated in PAT aeroponic systems.

The combination of these skills has enabled us to produce 96 times more active compounds over the course of a plant's lifetime than with a soil-grown plant. This method of cultivation limits the impact on agricultural land.

Responsible production

Responsible innovation is at the heart of Plant Advanced Technologies' approach. The group has two research centers, one in Lorraine and the other on Reunion Island. Their credo: to explore the products of tomorrow while preserving nature and natural resources. 

HydraQueen Exudactive meets these objectives:

  • reduced cultivation area, with four harvests a year and a life expectancy of at least three years with aeroponics
  • by limiting water consumption by recycling 100 % of crop water (closed cycle)
  • using biological control and biocontrol in a natural greenhouse - zero pesticides
  • by multiplying by 96 the quantity of molecules harvested vs. in open fields.

The HydraQueen Exudactive ingredient is manufactured in France, with a fully controlled and traceable production chain from seed to active ingredient on the PAT site, guaranteeing quality: all the company's activities are ISO9001-2015 certified, and the horticultural activities and aeroponics in Lorraine are certified "high environmental value" (HVE) level 3. PAT ingredients are also RSPO MB certified, and all plants are sourced in accordance with the current Nagoya Protocol, which aims to protect global biodiversity. In addition, the ingredients are Cosmos and ISO16128 - 100 % natural origin compatible.

HydraQueen Exudactive is the first ingredient in the growing Exudactive range. Other products in pre-launch, Rhus chinensis and Equisetum hyemaleare also concentrated in highly active root molecules, offering different cosmetic benefits such as anti-aging, radiance and protection.

"We are extremely proud of the launch of HydraQueen Exudactive, the fruit of many years of R&D and our new commercial strategy. We chose Cosmet'Agora, one of the key venues to present this new ingredient to the market. At PAT, our commitment to sustainable innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to offering superior quality ingredients for the cosmetics industry while preserving the environment", says Jean-Paul Fèvre, President of PAT.

* Based on internal calculations. Figure valid for one plant life cycle.

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