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Thursday, October 6, 2022
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Paula's Choice makes CBD bet


Paula Begoun has added a new ingredient to her list of favourites: CBD. Beauty addicts hear a lot about this asset a few months but Paula Begoun first made sure that the latter was not acclaimed for its only "sulphurous" side and that it did indeed bring a concrete benefit to the skin, it is said within the brand. She then looked, with the support of her research and development team, for what other ingredients he could possibly "potent" or complete the action.

Two new treatments capitalize on the power of the full-spectrum CannaBiDiol, containing all the elements of the hemp plant from which it is extracted. Thanks to its dual antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action, CBD is ideal for treating, for example, hypersensitivity manifested by redness, tightness, dander or even a rough grain of skin. According to Paula's Choice, this active ingredient is even more sensational when combined with a vegetable oil complex and Retinol.

CannaBiDiol calms skin hypersensitivity. With his help, cells behave more "calmly" in the face of external and internal stressors. Paula's Choice has added the services of hemp, Bourrache and Limnanthes vegetable oils, known for their nourishing, regenerating and anti-wrinkle properties. This ultra-light milky treatment also contains moisturizing triglycerides and antioxidant and soothing Centella asiatica, which targets skin aging at its source by reducing daily micro-inflammations. "From the first application, this serum slows down the action of stressors, refreshes the complexion and soothes anxious skin,"the brand says.

CBD has also been combined with Retinol for the design of a treatment whose formula combines 150 mg of Full Spectrum CannaBiDiol and 0.5% of Retinol (vitamin A). Together, these two ingredients help to reduce all signs of age by communicating directly with cells: Retinol prevents their aging and promotes their maintenance in top shape, CBD helps them to remain calm when faced with external and internal aggressions. This action is all the more convincing because Squalane's natural oil and moisturizing Triglycerides help to better absorb these two shock active ingredients.

"CBD, better known as CannaBiDiol, is the active molecule of the hemp plant found in flowers and buds. Once extracted, it can be absorbed by the skin, which has CBD-specific receptors. Then it penetrates and 'gives the order' to the skin cells to soothe, reduce redness, stop making the skin dry and rough, and behave normally - this via a particular mode of action that other ingredients cannot follow. It's not the only ingredient you need for your skin, but it's a real skincare hero,says Paula Begoun.

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