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Friday August 19th, 2022
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For Cartier, Groupe Pochet produces a bottle with the sparkle of a diamond


The Pochet Group relies on the unique alliance of its know-how to create Carat, the new fragrance from Maison Cartier.
Inspired by Art Deco in a contemporary reinterpretation, the faceted bottle is designed like a diamond of absolute purity. It is the quality of Pochet du Courval glass, recognized for its brilliance and transparency, combined with the teams' hot glass expertise, that made this achievement possible. The regularity of the extremely sharp edges required all of Pochet du Courval's expertise in tool design and mold release. The shoulders of the bottle, flat at 90 °, also constituted a real technical challenge. Finally, the iridescent shine of the bottle makes it possible to better capture the light and diffract all the colors of the prism, by making the reflections of the sharply cut glass panels sparkle. This effect is obtained thanks to a thermolustrage, a technique today mastered by very few glass makers.
The fairing assembly, characterized by a complex multi-component assembly, is produced by Qualipac. At the base, the luxurious gold galvanized hoop bears the brand's signature. The ingenuity of the Qualipac teams made it possible to offer a two-stage tilting system for the upper part, thus inducing a gentle and progressive opening and closing gesture. With each positioning, a beautiful associated sound brings a reassuring effect. To emphasize the elegance of the whole, this upper part, with absolute transparency, close to that of glass, is adorned in its bevelled outline with double-sided hot stamping.

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