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Hair protection against olfactory pollution


Today, the term "exposome" is used to describe all the environmental factors that can impact the skin and its annexes. Solar radiation, air pollution (outdoor and indoor) and cigarette smoke have long been known to tarnish the complexion, alter the firmness of the skin, accelerate the appearance of wrinkles and pigment disorders.

In the case of hair, air pollution weakens the hair fibers, and the deposition of particles makes the hair dull and brittle. But another type of consequence can also be mentioned: olfactory pollution. Hair is known to pick up odors very easily, whether good or bad. After all, who hasn't complained about having hair that smells like tobacco, smoke or frying after spending time in "polluted" environments?

To combat these "bad odors", Eurofins Cosmetics & Personal Care has developed a new approach that makes it possible to evaluate the "anti-odor" effectiveness of hair products (shampoos, conditioners, leave-in products or mists). Hair strands are treated before and after prolonged contact with odorous molecules (chosen according to your needs), then our panel of experts evaluates the neutralizing effect of the product on odors compared to untreated strands.

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