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Sunday, September 25, 2022
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PSB Industries makes Texen a unique brand in the Luxury and Beauty packaging market


In recent years and until the recent sale of Plastibell, the PSB Industries group has refocused around Texen. Now acting as a financial holding company, PSB Industries intends to push Texen's organic and external growth towards global leadership in the Luxury and Beauty packaging market through an eco-transition focused positioning.

A clearly defined mission

"The ecological transition is no longer a debate. After a comprehensive strategic review, we repositioned the company to address the challenges around a mission: to transform matter into experience, in a virtuous way. We will be able to invest and seize opportunities for Texen to push the product and consumer experience into a circular economy logic," explains François-Xavier Entremont, President of PSB Industries.

New governance for a new strategy

The new Comex has been under the direction of Rémi Weidenmann, Managing Director, in the group since 2014. "We have built a young, self-reliant team that can deal with the challenges and disruptions of our sector," explains the latter. A new operational duo consisting of Pierre-Yves Quéfélec, SVP Sales, Marketing and Innovation and Christophe Cabut SVP Operations for all industrial sites, complements the structuring functions of CSR, DRH and DAF within COMEX. These two men bring to the teams the expertise of high-value-added industries, such as automotive or aeronautics exposed to technological disruptions.

A supply strategy

Innovation at the service of the market, a robust and homogeneous global industrial platform are the group's new roadmap. Texen intends to push the interaction between its global operational and strategic resources in anticipation of markets. In this context, the place of man takes on its full meaning, in a respectful ecosystem where collaborators, customers and suppliers become partners. This change in posture is based in particular on the priority given to the function of using a packaging, to its aesthetic and emotional experience. This implies a quest for quality, differentiation through innovation, the internalization of high value-added expertise and the appropriation of new technologies, especially from other markets.

This strategy is carried out in Europe, Asia and the Americas by the group's 1200 employees in 8 industrial sites and 3 offices dedicated to trade and trading, but also by its partners involved in this mission.

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