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Thursday, October 6, 2022
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Quadpack covets the Chinese market with Yuga


The growth of the Chinese cosmetics industry prompted Quadpack, an international manufacturer and supplier of packaging for beauty products, to begin its commercial entry into the domestic market. An agreement with Yuga, a long-term partner based near Shanghai, will allow Quadpack to offer its QLine range to brands seeking the quality, performance and distinction of “Made in Europe” products.

The establishment in China is part of Quadpack's 2020-2025 business strategy, which includes growth plans in each of its key territories in EMEA, the Americas and the Asia-Pacific region. It follows the opening last year of a sales office in Japan and the appointment of Raj Savji as Managing Director - Asia Pacific in order to develop Quadpack's presence in the region.

“The Chinese beauty products market is worth 52.5 billion euros and is growing rapidly. Plus, he's been incredibly tough. Since the COVID-19 epidemic and the resulting economic crisis, China is the first country to show a recovery. The market is ripe and our products are perfectly suited to it. We are fortunate to have been able to partner with Yuga - a relationship based on high levels of trust, shared values and proven results - to accelerate our entry into the market, ”says Savji.

Beauty packaging manufacturer Yuga has been a Quadpack supplier partner since 2010 and produces a number of QLine SKUs, as well as specific projects. Today, Yuga's sales team sells QLine's portfolio products in its local market, starting with the skin care and makeup lines, and solutions in wood and Sulapac, a bio-friendly composite material. the environment.

The QLine range offers the intelligent and modular packaging solutions of the Quadpack portfolio and is created, designed, and developed in Europe. The products are manufactured at the Louvrette plant in Germany and Quadpack Wood in Spain, as well as at the sites of selected regional partners such as Yuga. Yuga's industrial capacity will allow components to be stored and assembled, as well as local finishing. The resulting manufacturing and supply flexibility allows Quadpack to remain agile and deliver solutions in and for the region.

According to Victor Wu, Managing Director of Yuga: “This is a case that illustrates that one plus one is much more than two. Just as Quadpack has expanded our reach internationally, our factories can support Quadpack's growth. We have 20 years of experience and a strong network in China and are excited to introduce the QLine portfolio to local brands. The main brands are looking internationally for high-level packaging solutions, especially in the skin care segment. Products from Europe are in great demand. "

Yuga has started promoting the QLine line of makeup products and will expand to skin care products in April.

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