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SantEnergy: boosting hair follicles

Mibelle Biochemistry communicates on a new launch. SantEnergy is a polyphenol-rich extract derived from the aerial parts of the Yerba Santa plant and harvested in a sustainable manner. Known as "mountain balm" and "sacred herb", Yerba Santa (Eriodictyon californicum) belongs to the Borage family (Boraginaceae) and is native to the Pacific coast of North America, specifically California. 

"SantEnergy protects the hair from internal and external aggressions, delays the aging of the hair follicle and increases hair growth and density. The hair is fuller and stronger.says Mibelle Biochemistry.

According to Mibelle Biochemistry, the benefits of SantEnergy are: 

- Energizes hair follicles with a "caffeine-like" effect,
- Protects hair follicles against oxidative stress,
- Delays the aging of hair follicles,
- Increases hair growth and density.

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