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Quadpack establishes partnerships and expands in Asia

Quadpack, the international manufacturer and supplier of packaging for beauty products, has appointed Korean packaging manufacturer LM as an "Official Quadpack Partner", to help accelerate its penetration of the Asian market. Following the agreement with Yuga in China announced in February, Quadpack is establishing partnerships under a new regional operating model, designed to help build the Quadpack brand, increase market share, improve local service and share its values with its stakeholders. 

Raj Savji, Managing Director - Asia Pacific at Quadpack, explains: "Asia's major packaging markets are measured in billions of euros. Korea alone is worth 1.1 billion euros. To conquer this region and achieve the objectives of our 2020-2025 sales strategy, we rely on our trusted partners. Bringing shared values, complementary strengths and established reputations, these key industry colleagues will extend our reach and enrich our service, enabling us to deliver solutions in the region and for the region."

A number of key attributes are required to qualify among the selection of partners considered for global network expansion. These include sustainable processes, category leadership, impeccable reputation, customer reach and added value in terms of manufacturing or access to new market segments. 

LM, based in Seoul, Korea, is a well-established packaging manufacturer with a strong presence in the dermatological skin care sector. It has first-class facilities to produce, assemble and decorate components for Quadpack's QLine portfolio of intelligent, modular solutions. Yuga, based near Shanghai, China, already manufactures selected components from the QLine range. Together with Quadpack's European plants, these partners will enable the company to strengthen its offering and meet the needs of the Asian market. 

As the partner network grows, Quadpack aims to expand its QLine portfolio with solutions designed for the local market with the help of its partners, and where possible with joint creations and collaborative innovations. 

Quadpack's presence in the Asia-Pacific region also includes an office in Tokyo, Japan, inaugurated a year ago. With a growing team, it builds relationships and fosters partnerships in this key Asian market. The Melbourne office is the oldest in the region. It serves Australia and New Zealand directly, and plans to establish local warehousing and manufacturing sites to accelerate time-to-market and reduce carbon footprint. 

This operating model based on formal partnerships will be considered for other regions to complement direct sales and service support. Historically speaking, however, growth through partnerships is nothing new for Quadpack. Rather, it's a return to our roots. 

"Collaboration is in our DNA,says Tim Eaves, CEO of Quadpack. Quadpack began life as a partnership of three companies in 2003: Belcos Packaging, Lenglart Packaging and Gadbrooke Packaging, each working with partners worldwide. In fact, LM Managing Director Michael Lim is one of my longest-standing contacts at Belcos, a relationship that dates back almost twenty years. I'm delighted to renew our friendship and welcome our new partner to the Quadpack family." 

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