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Sunday 11 June 2023
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Rovip launches a new refillable and recyclable "Duostick" packaging, 100%, for solid and liquid formulation

Solid stick version

This refillable packaging for hot-cast solid formulas consists of several parts:

- a PP/rPP applicator carrying the solid formula with a volume of 30 ml

- a 100 % rPET cup clipped into the applicator

- a PP/rPP case that provides long-lasting protection for the stick

- a PP cup into which the formula is poured

The "Duostick" set has been entirely designed to last, to be reused and to accompany the consumer in its use ad infinitum.

Liquid roll-on version

This other version, designed for liquid formulas, is also made up of several parts:

- a 50 ml PP/rPP bottle

- a PP/rPP hoop enveloping the ball

- a clip-on PP/rPP cover

Consumers can easily and intuitively unscrew the collar to refill the bottle up to the mark (dilution stick or liquid refill).

This liquid version of "Duostick" is guaranteed to have zero single-use plastic waste.

These 2 versions can be customized with a wide range of decorations: choice of colors, multiple decorating zones by engraving, silk-screen printing, hot stamping, lacquering, metallizing or adhesive labels.

Designed as a decorative object for the bathroom, it accompanies consumers looking for eco-friendly refillable solutions in their daily lives at home or when traveling.

Duostick" is the first development in the Hyléance group's own product range.

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