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Friday, July 1, 2022
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Silab unveils its 2021 Sustainable Initiatives Report


Each year, Silab shares its sustainable development actions in a dedicated report. The new edition is available.

Since the creation of the company, Silab's commitment to sustainable development has been based on five major CSR issues: a sustainable strategy, the development of human potential, responsible sourcing, the preserved environment and the support of communities.

"These five essential pillars form the basis of our Actively Caring CSR program, which naturally commits us to a sustainable world. Through our annual initiative report, we want to share with all our stakeholders the actions implemented to achieve our objectives by 2025," comments Xavier Gaillard, Deputy Chief Strategy Officer and Head of CSR at Silab.

Among the initiatives undertaken in 2021 are investments to support innovation, the priority given to training, the consideration of sustainability criteria for the selection of supplies, ambitious projects to control water consumption and support for medical research through the Silab – Jean Paufique Corporate Foundation.

The full report is available on silab's website.

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