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Solabia Group wins award in Milan

With its longevity-boosting Essenc'Age active ingredient, the Solabia group won a prestigious Wise Ingredient Award at the Making Cosmetics Award held in Milan on November 22, 2023. 

Essenc'Age is a pure 100 % powder composed of fucoidans, low molecular weight (<30kDa) sulfated polysaccharides obtained from a concentrated and purified aqueous extract of brown seaweed. Ascophyllum nodosum. Its action targets the key mechanisms of cellular senescence: according to Solabia, "Essenc'Age positively influences longevity to delay programmed aging and prevent induced aging." 

Essenc'Age helps correct and prevent the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging. According to Solabia, it improves the skin's elasticity and stretchability for an anti-fatigue effect; it moisturizes and smoothes, from 28 days, overall facial wrinkles for a visibly younger appearance, in both men and women; it rejuvenates the look of men, while it refreshes and evens out the complexion of women. Finally, by improving the structure of the micro-relief on the surface, it tends to resynchronize the skin's physiological age with its biological age. 

"The combination of these anti-aging and anti-fatigue properties makes Essenc'Age an active ingredient capable of improving the perception of oneself and one's image in the mirror, to age well, with serenity!"says the Solabia Group.

In order to use exceptional ingredients, Solabia travels far from industrial and agricultural activities. On the island of Ouessant in Brittany, 20 km off the Atlantic coast, Salobia harvests the brown algae Ascophylle des Roches, free from pollution.

On the island of Ouessant, Ascophyllum nodosumThis certified organic seaweed is meticulously harvested by hand from the rocks at the time of the tide, in accordance with best practices designed to protect the island's ecology.

Ouessant, classified by Unesco as a Biosphere Reserve of the Mer d'Iroise for its unique ecosystem, is a windswept island with a constant water temperature all year round. 

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