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Thursday February 9th, 2023
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Texen and Stella by Stella McCartney reinvent rechargeable airless packs

A true pioneer of sustainable and ethical fashion, Stella McCartney wants to bring to the selective beauty market a new, more responsible alternative called Alter-Care. This new range of natural, vegan, effective and responsible skincare products has been developed in partnership with LVMH Beauty Division. It consists of three products: Reset cleanser-cleanser, Alter-Care serum and Restore moisturizer.

Each stage of the product life cycle has been studied to minimize its environmental impact: the formulas are of natural, clean, vegan and cruelty free origin. The packaging is eco-designed, recyclable and refillable.

The Alter-Care Serum and Restore Moisturizer feature a 50 ml refill housed in a glass bottle, elegantly coupled to an airless pump to use the formula down to the last drop.

The refills have also been designed for nomadic use. They can be unscrewed from their bottles and transported easily thanks to their service cap, guaranteeing easy use and a waterproof closure. Whatever the use, this packaging meets the brand's requirements in terms of eco-design, efficiency and aesthetics.

Texen acquired PRP's flexible packaging business in February 2022. The successful collaboration of their experts and LVMH teams made this innovative project a success.

Texen shapes the refills from a decorated and recyclable multilayer film, ensuring all the barrier effects required for the optimal protection of these new ultra-clean formulas. He injects and welds the pocket head on which a service capsule fits to create these refills that can be used alone, in a nomadic version. All components of this new type of packaging are recyclable.

Thanks to the ISCC+ international certification, Texen can promote virtuous production methods and the use of materials from recycling or biomass, further strengthening its eco-responsible commitment.

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