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Wool envelopes to ship cosmetics

Maison Matine, a fragrance brand created by a new generation of committed French perfumers, has chosen Woola wool envelopes for the shipment of its fragrances to enhance the customer experience and reaffirm its commitment to sustainable development.

Manufactured in France, Maison Matin fragrances are made from organic wheat alcohol with a 100 % recyclable cap. 

The company's positioning and strong environmental commitment are reflected in a responsible approach to product design and packaging, using recycled, recyclable, cellophane-free cardboard. One point still needed improvement: the packaging used to ship products sold over the Internet. 

" We strive to produce as little waste as possible, and to use as little plastic as possible. This can be seen right down to the packaging of our products, which is made of kraft cardboard, but for shipping we used conventional envelopes with bubble wrap or cardboard packaging, the drawback of which was their size, as there was often a lot of empty space. This was not in keeping with our image or brand values. "says Marie Kellou, President and co-founder of Maison Matine.

Hence the choice of Woola envelopes discovered at the LuxePack show in Paris in June 2023. " First of all, I was attracted by Woola's values and commitment to recycling. But the products are also very different from what we usually see on the market, and the design was also a point that caught my attention. So we discussed it internally and decided to trust Woola for the e-commerce part. "continues Marie Kellou.

An eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap

Woola is a young Estonian startup that arrived on the French market in January 2023. It recovers wool waste to replace plastic packaging in parcels and thus reduce the impact of e-commerce with environmentally-friendly products. 

The woolen wraps developed by Woola offer several advantages for Maison Matine, starting with improved brand image and customer experience in the e-commerce business. " The packaging used in e-commerce is the first contact customers have with the Maison Matine brand, and for this reason it's important. So, with these wool envelopes, as soon as they receive our products, they perceive our commitment to eco-responsibility. This is one of the reasons why we have chosen to place our trust in Woola "says Marie Kellou.

Other advantages of this ecological and sustainable alternative to plastic packaging are the strength of the materials used and the fact that there's no need to resort to over-packaging.

" It's still a little early to get full feedback from our customers on these new shipping envelopes. But we're delighted to have improved this important aspect of their relationship and experience with our brand. "concludes Marie Kellou.

The founders of Maison Matine say they are keen to test other products, including rigid boxes for shipping more sensitive products such as creams, which come in aluminum tubes liable to crush during transport. At Woola, customer opinions and feedback are constantly taken into account to develop new solutions, with the aim of making packaging a little lighter for the planet. Development to follow!

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