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Pierre Fabre Laboratories earn highest level of "Responsible Digital Label

A committee of independent experts convened by the Lucie agency, which specializes in the management of CSR labels, has awarded the highest level of the Responsible Digital label to Laboratoires Pierre Fabre for their commitment to a more environmentally-friendly and supportive digital environment. The label is based on a set of guidelines developed by the Institut du numérique responsable (INR) in partnership with the French Ministry of Ecological Transition, Ademe and France IT.

An audit was carried out in early 2024. On this occasion, Pierre Fabre Laboratories were able to provide evidence of the positive impact of their approach in favor of a more responsible digital environment, through the many projects deployed over the past five years. Pierre Fabre Laboratories also reports that the labeling committee's decision was also motivated by the firm commitments made by Pierre Fabre Laboratories to pursue and amplify their efforts between now and 2027.

"Pierre Fabre Laboratories embody the very essence of digital responsibility. Although their digital footprint weighs modestly in their overall environmental balance sheet, their commitment to ethical, accessible and responsible digital is sincere. I was pleasantly surprised by all the platforms deployed both internally for their employees and externally for patients and consumers. I hope that this label obtained by Pierre Fabre Laboratories, thanks to their international influence, will inspire other players in this sector".said the independent auditor appointed by Bureau Veritas.

Since the launch in 2019 of its CSR and naturalness approach called Green Mission, Pierre Fabre has made responsible digital a priority based on three axes: improving the environmental impact of its digital activities and IT infrastructures, using digital as a vector for improving the quality of life of patients and consumers and, finally, making digital tools and media accessible to all, particularly the company's employees. 

"We are very proud to become the first international company to obtain the highest level of the Responsible Digital Label. We will continue to work hand in hand with the Information Systems and Digital departments to ensure that this responsible digital approach is fully in line with the company's strategic roadmap and CSR commitments".emphasized Florence Guillaume, Green Mission Pierre Fabre Director.

Among the initiatives implemented and praised by the audit report is IT4Good, designed to innovate in the service of the health and well-being of patients and consumers. Digital technology is being used as a lever to improve knowledge of patients' pathologies and needs, and to deploy digital solutions to improve their health and well-being.

The company also encourages individual initiatives in the area of digital responsibility during working hours.

Emphasis is also placed on digital equipment: Epeat, Energy Star or Blue Angel are the labelled equipment used by Pierre Fabre Laboratories. EcoVadis-certified suppliers are preferred. The telephony policy takes into account the reparability of equipment.

A number of commitments have been made for the period 2025-2027, in particular :

- Continued acculturation and training of employees and partners in digital responsibility (training of business experts in digital eco-design, training of in-house facilitators in the Fresque du numérique, involvement with schools and associations as part of the company's solidarity leave program);

- Improving the accessibility and eco-design of digital solutions developed by the company and its brands (particularly websites);

- Implementing a responsible purchasing policy for IT equipment and service providers, by training buyers and communicating the approach to partners;

- Extending the lifespan of IT equipment beyond manufacturers' recommendations to combat programmed obsolescence;

- Integrating responsible digital best practices with the new uses of data and AI.

"We are convinced that digital technology represents a strategic lever for the development of our company, but also a major issue in terms of environmental and social impact. We are increasingly exploiting the potential of technology and data to serve patients and consumers. For example, for each of our dermo-cosmetic products, we consolidate hundreds of pieces of data present in our information systems to automatically calculate and display its Green Impact Index 1 on brand websites".said Olivier Siegler, Director of Digital Acceleration and Information Systems.

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