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A new range of dermocosmetic peptides

BASF has launched - Peptovitae, a series of four patented peptides that represent a new generation of scientifically developed biomimetic peptides. 

The Peptovitae series was developed in Asia through an exclusive relationship with Caregen, a Korean-based company and world leader in the research and development of biomimetic peptides.

Peptovitae addresses a broader range of skin concerns than those traditionally associated with the use of peptides. These new bioactives in BASF's Care Creations line address personal skin care benefits related to fighting the signs of aging (Peptovitae Matrix), improving skin radiance (Peptovitae Bright), soothing skin prone to dryness and itching (Peptovitae Derma), and calming and hydrating skin (Peptovitae Clear). 

The liposome-based, double-layer encapsulation system used in the Peptovitae series allows the finished products to bring the benefit of these biomimetic peptides to the skin's appearance. "BASF has adapted these peptides to ensure that they meet the standards of the cosmetic industry, making these products available to our customers and consumers."said Viju Jose, vice president of personal care solutions, care chemicals, BASF Asia Pacific.

"Increasingly, consumers are seeking safe and effective dermocosmetic-based solutions with high efficacy as an alternative to procedure-based treatments to meet their personal skin needs. The strong growth of dermocosmetics in China and the doubling of the share of dermocosmetics in the global beauty market over the past 15 years is a testament to the robust growth of peptide-containing products and the consumer shift toward biomimetic skin care regimens."added Eunice Jeong, regional market development manager, Personal Care Solutions, Care Chemicals, BASF Asia Pacific.

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