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Thursday, September 29, 2022
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Albéa: décor and development 4.0


In a market marked by both reduced time and series sizes, but also by the proliferation of launches and the need for visual differentiation, digital is part of the solution: digital printing, collaborative platforms, instant data exchanges.

"But digital printing, if it removes color settings on the production lines, shifts the expertise of settings ahead of manufacturing. This is the ambition of our Decor development 4.0 programme, already deployed in Europe on laminated tubes, and soon on plastic tubes, North America and Asia. Together with our partner Esko, a global specialist in the industrial graphics chain, we have developed pre-press tools and a collaborative platform to manage projects with our production sites, but also between sites, and directly with our clients or their creative agency. With Esko WebCenter, the ability to manage a portfolio of projects obviously translates into greater efficiency, the possibility of constant prioritization, and therefore optimal responsiveness, albéa says. This flexibility proves to be an undeniable asset during the current health crisis, allowing us to consider switching production from one manufacturing site to another depending on supply-chain possibilities. »

Thanks to the standardization of color sequences and the use of the quadrichrome (CMYK), the focus of the décor is contained in a computer file. This file then provides customers with proofings: a rendering of decoration, equivalent to a voucher to shoot (BAT) obtained on factory manufacturing machine, but made off-line on small digital machines, calibrated according to the tube ordered.

In a health context where travel and 'social proximity' need to be rethought, the rapid validation of proofing by mail and email represents significant savings. While a traditional BAT, made in a factory on a printing line, can take 4 to 6 weeks of delay and consumes 300 kg of material, proofing takes only a few days and uses 150 g of material (2000 times less!) - with real savings!

According to Albéa, this mastery of pre-press also supports responsible innovation, allowing the rendering of decorations to be adjusted upstream on tubes incorporating Post-Consumer Recycled resins or a layer of paper (Albéa's brand new paper tubes), whose hue differs from that of the virgin polymer of a standard tube.

"In a few weeks, our European customers will be able to interact directly with our experts via the Albéa collaborative platform, not only to visualize the rendering of their décor but also to validate the whole development, including the color of the materials and capsules,"the company said.

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