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Aptar Beauty + home: more sustainable omnichannel distribution solutions

Aptar Beauty + Home, a global leader in beauty and home care dispensing systems, presents its advancements in creating solutions designed in response to the demands for more sustainable and e-commerce friendly packaging. A significant advancement initially driven by the increase in online sales during the COVID-19 pandemic, and one that is here to stay.

As Xavier Joseph, Vice President, Global Marketing & Innovation, Aptar Beauty + Home, points out, " Consumers are looking for a seamless shopping experience across all distribution channels, whether in-store, click&collect or online. Our consumer experience survey showed that the risk of product leakage during transport is the most feared element. Our innovations have enabled us to design solutions that eliminate this pitfall and improve the consumer's perception of our partner brands. "

" To meet this requirement, we have adopted a three-step approach ", explains Luigi Garofalo, Global Business Development Director, Aptar Beauty + Home. " The first was to adapt our product range to the specific requirements of e-commerce, including adding clips and increasing the robustness of pumps that could break during transport. At the same time, our engineering talent has helped us to integrate the characteristics of e-commerce into the functional design of our packaging. Finally, we have reconsidered our omnichannel approach to providing superior technical design, optimizing the customer experience during in-store and e-commerce purchases, and reducing our environmental impact. "
The initial phase of this evolution focused on 40 products in the Aptar Beauty + Home catalog that were considered "e-commerce friendly" and ISTA-6 certified. By 2022, Aptar Beauty + Home has increased this number to 50 %. " We have inspired and convinced brands to use these solutions, both to simplify their fulfillment process and to offer consumers more sustainable and recyclable packaging "adds Luigi Garofalo.

Sustainability as a driving force

The benefits of omnichannel packaging solutions help brands achieve their own circular economy goals. By opting for integrated design and leveraging Aptar's global network of production facilities, brands can also choose to reduce their carbon footprint and cut down on overpackaging.
As a signatory to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's New Plastics Economy initiative, Aptar is committed to developing recyclable, reusable dispensing solutions made with recycled resin.
" Our innovative approach to making products that are both more sustainable and omnichannel-friendly ensures that we eliminate unnecessary or redundant packaging components from the waste stream," says Xavier Joseph. "Packaging suppliers must no longer be satisfied with introducing 'one or two sustainability features'. They need to look beyond that and really understand and integrate the holistic impact we have in preserving our future. "
The best example of this holistic approach is Future, the award-winning single-material, recyclable, e-commerce-friendly pump designed by Aptar Beauty + Home. This cutting-edge innovation has indeed won several awards, including:
- Packaging Europe's E-commerce 2022 award
- AmeriStar 2022 Award in the Sustainability category, for collaboration with Dermalogica
- the 2022 Formes de Luxe award in the Distribution category, with Dermalogica
- finalist 2022 in the Sustainability category for the Plastics Recyclers Europe award.

Amazon Ista-6 certified packaging

Aptar Beauty + Home is also an official participant in the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS) program, which certifies that our omnichannel solutions are ISTA-6 certified.
" We want to make sure that consumers are not frustrated when they open their package, and that the product withstands the risks of transportation and all stages of distribution "says Luigi Garofalo. " This example shows how Aptar is revolutionizing the market, bringing sustainable, e-commerce-friendly packaging solutions for all types of products - pumps, closures, airless. In partnership with the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA), Amazon has one of the most stringent and globally recognized programs in place, so it makes sense that we adhere to this standard. "

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