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With its Naaha brand, Seqens perpetuates its offer in gel and hydroalcoholic solution

At the beginning of March 2020, in order to respond to the shortage of hydroalcoholic solutions in France with the priority players most affected by the crisis (hospitals, EPHAD, etc.) and at the request of the authorities, Seqens made the first production capacity available. French. This has made it possible to provide the general public, businesses and communities with one of the two effective solutions in the fight against the spread of the pandemic by wearing a mask: hand disinfection. 

Seqens decides to perpetuate its offer in hydroalcoholic gel and solution and to establish itself as a long-term supplier to its customers in the health battle. To do this, the company is notably expanding its range of products and services, certifying its virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal products in order to provide the best quality standards. Through its Naaha brand, Seqens offers both gel and solution but also the entire packaging range from 40mL to bulk.

Seqens will remain mobilized throughout the summer to serve its customers and prospects and remains available to offer its entire range for the start of the September school year.

"In such an uncertain context and in the key periods to come such as summer holidays, the start of September and the gradual resumption of business activity, it seems essential to us to remain mobilized to serve our customers and thus help to fight against a resurgence of the pandemic. Our Naaha range offers the expertise, traceability and security of supply of a world leader in pharmaceutical synthesis such as Seqens ”, says Pierre Luzeau, president of Seqens.

A wide range and a proven industrial device:

  1. A wide range of gel and hydroalcoholic solution:
    Both gel and hydroalcoholic solution. Recognized by comparative tests, the "Seqens Silk Solution" is positioned as a market benchmark;
    All types of packaging are available, ranging from 40 ml, 100 mL, 500 mL, 5 L, 20 L or bulk in 925 L, to meet the needs of the various players.
  1. Additional services:
    The Cleanpix kit to assess surface cleanliness and to assess the effectiveness of cleaning procedures,
    Ergonomic, customizable and suitable for high-traffic areas.
  1. Dedicated pharmaceutical production lines:
    Several of the lines are dedicated to the production of SHA (hydroalcoholic solution) and GHA (hydroalcoholic gel) at two of the French plants in Seqens (Bourgoin-Jallieu in Isère) and Couterne in the Orne), factories also dedicated to the production of pharmaceutical intermediaries.
  1. Reliability and supply stability:
    SHA and GHA productions backed by in-house raw material production, which are reliable and sustainable. Seqens is the only French producer of isopropanol (an alcohol, one of the key raw materials) which allows the company to ensure reliability and stability of supply. The company also offers ethanol.
  1. Naaha is a private label registered in several European countries.

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