Basf presents active ingredients suitable for make-up formulas

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On the occasion of Cosmet'Agora which took place in Paris on January 14 and 15, Basf's Care Creations presented its new active ingredients to hydrate and soften the skin. In addition, Basf has put forward a large portfolio of active ingredients suitable for make-up formulas.

Hydagen Aquaporin stimulates the skin's hydration channels

The hydrating active ingredient Hydagen Aquaporin, launched at the show, is based on scientific discoveries for which their discoverers received the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 2003. The researchers have highlighted the way in which water molecules are transported through skin cells through specific channels. This fundamental process of life relies on integral membrane proteins called aquaporins. Basf Care Creations now offers the aquaporin stimulating substance, glyceryl glucoside, in a highly concentrated form for the large cosmetic market. Called Hydagen

According to Basf, Aquaporin has proven effective through studies in vitro and in vivo demonstrating its hydration booster effect.

Hydrasensyl Glucan hydrates and softens the skin

Hydrasensyl Glucan is a multi-functional active skin care agent that combines many benefits. Like hyaluronic acid, Hydrasensyl Glucan has a long chain of sugar molecules. Its native beta-glucan structure allows the active to offer short and long term hydration as well as smoothing and soothing effects for the skin. This structure can also help improve the resistance of formulas to changes in pH or temperature and electrolytic charge. Its plus: Hydrasensyl Glucan offers, according to Basf, a feeling of lightness on the skin.

Inolixir provides a feeling of well-being and soothes sensitive skin

Basf captures the surprising powers of the mushroom sore, by obtaining a 100% natural extract originating from the birch forests of Canada, to create Inolixir. Renowned for centuries as a super-food with health and well-being properties, Basf now exploits its full potential to meet the needs of stressed, tired and even sensitive skin.

Inolixir works in two ways: on the one hand, it would offer a wellness approach to tired and stressed skin. According to Basf, study participants reported that Inolixir was as effective as a five-day spa, helping to reduce signs of fatigue and dark circles and revive skin radiance. In addition, the ingredient has dermo-cosmetic benefits for sensitive skin thanks to its ability to fight against redness and discomfort. For women, 85% perceive a benefit for the health of their skin and 91% note an increased comfort of the skin after 7 to 28 days of application.

Multifunctional active ingredients for make-up formulas

With its portfolio of active ingredients dedicated to make-up, Basf experts also have in hand concepts and products beyond hair and skin care. "Among consumers, skin and beauty care has acquired a holistic value that is strongly aligned with personal confidence, skin health and well-being", said Carole Boury, Marketing Manager at Basf Personal Care Europe. Consumers increasingly expect makeup products to also improve the quality of their skin by providing hydration, radiance, UV protection and pollution. "

To respond to this trend, Basf is working on its portfolio of active ingredients for use in makeup products. Sqisandryl, Schisandra berry extract, protects, strengthens and promotes eyelash growth, demonstrating new results of up to + 2mm of eyelash growth after one month of use. For complexion makeup, Micropatch Serine would have instant moisturizing and soothing powers throughout the day. In addition, 70% of respondents said the active prolongs the wear of the foundation. Basf then offers a dedicated formulation support, to help brands create formulas with the active ingredients most suited to consumer needs.