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Caudalie gives its anti-aging cream a refill thanks to Lumson

Caudalie remains faithful to the commitment of its founders, Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas, to "Give back to the Earth a little of what it gives us every day". and develop products "Formulated as close to nature as possible, with a focus on effectiveness and sensoriality. For its Crème Riche Anti-âge Global, from the Premier Cru collection, a rich, silky anti-aging cream, Caudalie has chosen 100 % Made in Italy packaging: De Luxe Re place, the refillable jar from Lumson.

Crème Riche Anti-âge Global, from the Premier Cru collection, is an anti-aging cream containing 97 % of plant-derived ingredients, offering effectiveness and pleasure. The cream has been developed with Tet8, a patented technology requiring 10 years of research. It combines grape resveratrol and Honokiol (green magnolia extract). It boosts the activity of the Tet (Ten Eleven Translocation) enzyme and acts on youth proteins to correct eight signs of aging: deep wrinkles, fine lines, firmness, volume, elasticity, brown spots, hydration and radiance.

Re Place: innovative, sustainable and personalized

The packaging chosen by Caudalie for this product is the De Luxe jar from Re Place, the range of refillable jars designed by Lumson. Developed to encourage consumers to adopt more ethical and virtuous consumption habits without compromising the technical and aesthetic characteristics of cosmetic packaging, Re Place was chosen by the brand " because it combines luxury and durability. "

Re Place's innovative packaging enhances skincare products while introducing end-users to more responsible and thoughtful use. Re Place refillable jars are original, creative and practical solutions based on the principles of the circular economy - reduce, reuse, recycle - while embodying the key points of sustainable design: rethink (the packaging is rethought from an eco-design perspective), re-generate (the refill gives new life to the glass jar), re-act (the brand and consumers actively participate in the process of reducing environmental impact). This simple, environmentally-friendly gesture led Caudalie to choose Lumson refillable glass jars, saving nearly 3.12 tonnes of multi-material packaging and 18 tonnes of glass each year (according to Caudalie's internal estimates based on annual quantities).

Lumson's innovative products, developed for both standard and customized solutions, embody the brand's commitment to sustainable development. Re Place refillable glass jars offer a functional and sustainable solution: once the cream has run out, the PP inner cup can be disposed of in the appropriate recycling chain and replaced by a new refill.

All jar components (inner cup, jar and lid) can be customized and decorated with different effects to give the packaging a unique identity. For Caudalie, the matte gold lacquering and hot stamping on the jar, the distinctive color of the inner cup and the embossed logo on the lid reflect the identity and essence of the brand.

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