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Friday August 19th, 2022
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Designer Parfums launches five fragrances in 3D printed bottles for Formula 1


Following the launch of the F1 Collector's Editions collections, containing three luxurious works of art by designer Ross Lovegrove, during the 2019 edition of the Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Designer Perfumes and Formula 1 have announced the European launch of the F1 Fragrances Engineered Collection, a collection of five unisex fragrances.

Five haute-parfumerie fragrances capture the quintessence of Formula 1 in unique bottles. These bottles, wrapped in a 3D printed exoskeleton, invite fans of F1 and avant-garde perfumes to set off on an olfactory journey through the history of a Formula 1 race.

A first in the perfume industry: the F1 Fragrances Engineered Collection was designed using the latest 3D printing technology by digital light synthesis. Designer Ross Lovegrove has created an exoskeleton made from technopolymer resin. This houses the elegant aerodynamic perfume bottle inspired by the refined lines of the chassis of an F1 car.

Fans can choose from five sophisticated scents, each evoking the thrills and exhilaration of an F1 race. With classic fragrances as well as daring fragrances, the F1 Engineered Collection is orchestrated by master perfumers: Emilie Coppermann, Alexandra Carlin, Aliénor Massenet, Louise Turner, Fabrice Pellegrin and Pierre Gueros.

For Ellie Norman, F1 Marketing and Communications Director: “We are very happy to unveil the second part of our exclusive fragrance collection with Designer Parfums. After the successful launch in Abu Dhabi last year, we are delighted that the collection is available in Europe and that our fans are discovering what we imagine the smell of F1 to be. The unique and daring fragrance collection embodies the sport and has been designed to take fans on a Formula 1 journey. "

For Dilesh Mehta, Designer Parfums Chairman & CEO: “It is with great pleasure that we are launching the“ F1 Fragrances Engineered ”collection. Our team of experts and partners have worked closely with Formula 1 to translate the passion and innovation of this global sport into a revolutionary collection of fragrances with a unique and innovative 3D printed design. Always nimble in our approach, we quickly reacted to the global pandemic and built a website for direct sales to consumers www.f1fragrances.com. It allows fans to experience the range of fragrances with a fast and direct sampling mechanism. "

For designer Ross Lovegrove: “Today, engineering as we know it is being transformed by new materials and new technologies. The exoskeleton I designed for Formula 1 has an organic and complex geometry in sync with today and unlike anything you see in the perfume industry. My will behind the exoskeleton was first and foremost sustainability: to create something that houses the perfume bottle which can be replaced once used and reinserted into the exoskeleton and the use of 3D printing which is extremely efficient, without waste. Only the necessary shapes are produced, much like in F1. On the other hand, it reminded me of the driver safety cell, the monocoque, because it protects the perfume bottle in the same way. For Formula 1, which is the pinnacle of motorsport, the perfume had to be top-of-the-range, innovative in its conception, its material and its conception. "

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