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Leveraging the power of fragrance to create positive emotions

Firmenich, specialist in fragrances and flavors, has unveiled its EmotiOn program. This offers customers a new set of fragrance tools and solutions to co-create emotionally powerful fragrances for scented products. This approach combines Firmenich's proprietary consumer data gathered from around the world with neuroscience research backed by the expertise of the company's perfumers, helping customers to deliver positive emotions to consumers.

"Olfaction plays an essential role in our lives, conveying emotions and influencing our purchasing behavior, now more than ever.says Ilaria Resta, President of Global Perfumery. Our fragrances accentuate the positive emotions felt by consumers across multiple touch points. We've created this multi-faceted, modular EmotiOn program to help our customers develop perfect product mixes."

The EmotiOn program is as follows:

  • EmotiClaim provides emotional positioning by country and category to ensure that the product speaks to consumers.
  • Emoti360 relies on consumer data to select ingredients and colors with strong emotional power to reinforce value right from the product design stage.
  • EmotiCode defines the creative framework that enables Firmenich perfumers to formulate fragrances that evoke specific emotions in consumers.
  • EmotiBoost is a collection of accords designed to offer positive emotional benefits in three different categories (hair care, laundry and skin cleansers). They cover a broad olfactory spectrum with a range of emotional claims. They have been tested using patented implicit research techniques.

According to Firmenich, this approach is truly unique in that tools and solutions can be combined, enabling us to work holistically.

"Our research into emotions and how they induce buying habits, particularly throughout the pandemic, is really special and endowed with a global vision, says Matteo Magnani, Chief Consumer & Innovation Officer. Our EmotiOn program brings a deep understanding of eleven countries based on consumer data; it enables us to shape fragrances that trigger positive emotions and help our customers reinforce their product benefits with consumers."

The EmotiOn program is the fruit of 25 years of research carried out with scientific partners and renowned universities. Building on this program and its knowledge of consumers, Firmenich aims to create products that tell "relevant" emotional stories. Thanks to its research into the complex interactions of fragrance molecules with hundreds of olfactory receptors located in the nose, the company is able to create products that are "emotionally relevant", "a considerable advantage in terms of understanding the mechanisms of olfaction."

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