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False controversy over hydroalcoholic gels and solutions

Faced with the rapid shortage of hydroalcoholic gels and solutions observed in early March, a decree dated March 13, 2020 introduced exemptions from the European regulations on biocidal products for industrial establishments. It has enabled many players to quickly bring hydroalcoholic gels and solutions to the market, in particular to supply healthcare personnel, professionals and their employees. The cosmetics industry was urgently called upon and called upon for these productions.

To date, the needs of health workers are now met. During the deconfinement period, industrial, craft and distribution companies will be in the front line, which is why gel production will be geared towards them.

Doubts have recently been expressed about the disinfectant qualities of hydroalcoholic gels and solutions, in accordance with the decree of March 13, and marketed by the cosmetics industry. According to Cosmed, a professional association associated with the drafting of the various decrees and orders on the subject, the production of hydroalcoholic gels and solutions by cosmetic companies, these doubts are completely unfounded and companies and employers should be fully reassured on this point. and employees.

Cosmed recalls that:

  • to comply with the decree of March 13, products must use one of the four formulas described, without modifications,
  • these formulas, with an alcohol content of 65% v / v minimum, are disinfectant biocides, active on bacteria and viruses,
  • these formulas have been validated by the General Directorate of Health,
  • the DDPP in the regions and the DGCCRF carry out numerous verifications and controls on the manufacturing establishments,
  • from May 31, 2020, by virtue of an order of April 17, 2020, the products must clearly bear the mention of the alcohol percentage (a mention which was not mandatory in the order of March 13).

The hydroalcoholic gels and solutions manufactured in accordance with the decree of March 13, 2020 are disinfectant, bactericidal and virucidal biocides. They are of the same effectiveness as the products manufactured according to the biocidal regulation (EU) n ° 528/2012. As with healthcare workers, companies can confidently make these products available to their employees.


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