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Generation Garnier with the GoodPlanet School


As part of the transition movement for sustainable beauty Green Beauty for all, Garnier has been funding, since September 2020, workshops (physical or digital) at the GoodPlanet School - a 400 m2 pavilion of the GoodPlanet Foundation in Paris, dedicated to awareness-raising workshops for the general public, schools, businesses and associations - sensitizing 20,000 children to the preservation of biodiversity, and the issues of sorting and recycling.

The Garnier generation: the “Greenagers”

“Because tomorrow is being decided today, this generation is mobilized to move the world forward now. She realizes that she will experience the world of tomorrow more than others and that she is not afraid to take action and take action. This generation wants to be at the origin and take an active part in all solutions for a greener and more responsible future, according to the company. It is these spontaneous and natural convictions that emerge among these young generations that Garnier wishes to promote through this new partnership with the GoodPlanet School. Garnier supports this collective awareness of the new generations to position themselves as ambassadors of the world of tomorrow in order to change consumption habits with new eco-responsible actions. "

In 2019, with the launch of its Ecocert-labeled Organic Garnier range backed by the Green Beauty commitment, Garnier wanted to send a strong signal to its consumers and players in the cosmetics sector. Garnier's desire to act in favor of the environment, to respect nature and biodiversity has materialized through the support of French farmers through an agroforestry program, supported by the GoodPlanet foundation and led by Afaf ( French Agroforestry Association). By supporting them in their transition to more sustainable practices, Garnier enables seven farmers to improve their environmental impact.  

“The new generations no longer have time to wait! It is around the support of these adults of tomorrow that Garnier and the GoodPlanet Foundation are writing a new page of their collaboration. Because the richness of biodiversity and in particular the preservation of bees but also recycling, waste management and the protection of the oceans are at the heart of the subjects treated by Garnier in its value chain, particular attention will be paid to these themes during workshops offered within the GoodPlanet School in 2020, ” says one within the company.

At a time of collective awareness of environmental and social issues, Garnier is also rethinking its entire value chain - from the choice of its raw materials, the selection of its partners to the involvement of the consumer.

“Convinced that tomorrow is decided today and that each stage of a product's life cycle has a real impact, Garnier - who has been working since 2013 for sustainable change towards a more environmentally friendly world - is now focusing on focus on end-to-end transformation of its products and consumer education. Garnier is thus injecting new impetus into its commitments through its Green Beauty initiative, a true inclusive movement of the global beauty ecosystem to transform the industry and lead change for all, ” says the company. .

The objective of the Green Beauty initiative is to transform each stage of Garnier's value chain, by reducing or eliminating the environmental impact at all stages of the product's life cycle, with commitments by 2025.

Plastic wrap :

  • By 2025, Garnier aims to use zero virgin plastic in all of its packaging, saving 37,000 tonnes of plastic each year.
  • By 2025, all packaging will also be reusable, recyclable or compostable.

Product and formula:

  • By 2022, all plant-based and renewable ingredients will be sourced sustainably.
  • By 2025, 100% of new Garnier products will have an improved environmental profile.

Factories and production:

  • By 2025, 100% of industrial sites will be carbon neutral, thanks to the use of renewable energies.
  • CO2 emissions from industrial sites have already been reduced by 72%.

Solidarity sourcing:

  • By 2025, Garnier will support 800 communities around the world as part of its solidarity procurement program.

Green Beauty innovations 2020:

  • Garnier Ultra Doux Solid Shampoo: a solid shampoo, in zero plastic packaging, 100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable. 99% biodegradable formulas with quick rinse technology to save water, combining 94% plant-based ingredients,
  • Garnier Bio with organic hemp: a range of products for the face with a new tube packaging based on patented cardboard for day care.
  • Garnier Eco-Pads SkinActive: reusable make-up and cleansing discs, washable up to 1000 times each.
  • Garnier Éco-Recharges Shampoings Ultra Doux: a product equivalent to two shampoo bottles created with 80% less plastic
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