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ISIPCA and Cosmetic Valley organize the 3rd Olfaction & Perspectives congress on March 15 and 16 in Paris

This professional congress is held every two years. It brings together the various academic and industrial players working on olfaction to define new fields of application and prospects for development.

Of the five human senses, olfaction is probably one of the least known, but also one of the most widely used and, above all, one of the most promising. The development of olfaction in everyday life promises considerable advances in fields as varied as food, cosmetics, medicine, the automotive industry and digital technology.
But to glimpse this olfactory future, we need to tame and better understand this sense, capitalize on what we've already learned and pursue research into olfaction.
The 2017 edition aims to study olfaction through 3 sessions:

Fragrances, Aromas and Olfaction

- First impressions and lasting memories: in search of olfactory imprints
- Olfaction and emotions: neurosurgery and the imagination
- Molecular structure and olfactory properties: what can we predict?
- Odor valence predetermination
- Smells and aromas: synthetic representations of chemical complexity

Olfaction and Health

- The role of olfaction in the assessment and treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders
- Emotions processing related to olfactory environment in normal subjects and depressed patients :brain functional MRI findings
- Olfaction, aging and pathology: beyond the deficit. The effect of odors on the recovery of autobiographical memories in Alzheimer's disease.
- Anosmia: an invisible and little-known sensory handicap

 Olfaction & the 21st century

- Olfaction and virtual reality
- Héracles neo: the future of the electronic nose
- Scent and well-being for PSA Group vehicles
- From olfactory diagnosis to customer experience

For full details of the program, speakers and registration form, visit the website: https://events.cosmetic-valley.com/


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