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Monday, November 28, 2022
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The Pochet Group produces the first perfume bottle containing 10% of high-quality recycled glass for Viktor and Rolf

With its SEVA glass, Solution Ecoresponsable, Vision d'Avenir, the Pochet group has co-developed with L'Oréal, for one of its brands in perfume license, Viktor and Rolf, the first perfume bottle containing 10% recycled glass from exclusively high-end perfumery. The two limited editions of Bonbon and Flowerbomb feature a brilliance and transparency comparable to that of the classic Pochet du Courval glass, with an optimized environmental footprint.

“With SEVA, we wanted to offer our customers a solution that reduces the environmental footprint of the product while maintaining the aesthetic appearance of our glass. It is for this reason that we have set up a closed-loop high-end perfume bottling sector ”indicates Pierre Dehé, CSR Department of the Pochet group. “This allows us to maintain high-end glass quality, while setting up a virtuous cycle,” he explains. Symbolically, a perfume bottle gives birth to another bottle.

SEVA glass is naturally at the heart of the Pochet group's CSR commitment, as part of its Excellence & Responsibility approach, which brings together all the environmental and social programs carried out by the Group.

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