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Friday, July 1, 2022
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The first tamper-proof fragrance thanks to the blockchain


To consolidate its ambitions on the global market, Le Jardin Retrouvé relies on the blockchain and inaugurates the first tamper-proof perfume, in collaboration with the French startup Sorga.

True to its motto "The avant-garde in heritage", Le Jardin Retrouvé, a french high-end perfumery house, family, artistic and eco-responsible since 1975, is equipped with a blockchain technology that guarantees the authenticity, traceability and ownership of its scented products thanks to a unique QR code, in the shape of a diamond, elegantly affixed to each product.

For Michel Gutsatz and Clara Feder, it was important to choose a technology in line with the values of respect for the environment & accessibility of the Jardin Trouvé.

Guarantee of transparency and authenticity

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The QR code is specific to each product, in the form of a sticker affixed not only to each case, but also to the inside. Once scanned, the code allows consumers to have reliable information provided by their authors, registered in the blockchain – therefore indestructible – such as the unique proprietary code, the origin of the ingredients, the manufacturing process, the IFRA certificates and potentially, all those related to the product.

This notion of authenticity is particularly sensitive in the Chinese market – where the Sorga platform is accessible from WeChat because counterfeiting is one of the major concerns of Chinese consumers. The inviolability of its products is an undeniable asset for Le Jardin Trouvé in its conquest of this rapidly expanding perfume market.

Strengthening the link between the brand and its customers This digital certificate also gives customers the opportunity to interact with the brand in one to one using multiple links, videos and emails. It thus marks a new era in consumer relations management (CRM) since customers around the world, regardless of where they buy, go to the same platform controlled by the House.

"We were quickly aligned on the same issues with Le Jardin Retrouvé. In 2 months thousands of products are equipped and go to conquer China with a technological innovation never seen in perfumery, "says Phlippe Guguen, president of MAP Emulsion at the origin of the Sorga solution.

The blockchain guarantee

Since the advent of the blockchain at the same time as bitcoin in 2008, this mode of storing and transmitting data in the form of blocks linked to each other and protected against any modification, is a revolution whose full extent is not yet well understood. In particular, we have seen the notion of Non Fungible Token (NFT) be the subject of all speculation. In the case of the unique information of each product contained in the Sorga technology, we will rather speak of NFA – Non Fungible Assets, or Non-Corruptible Assets. Thus, the implementation of information on the blockchain represents a quantum leap in terms of their certification and authenticity that prefigures the ethical marketing of tomorrow.

After makeup, skincare, leather goods, perfume adopts Sorga. With Le Jardin Trouvé perfumes, Sorga demonstrates that it brings the transparency and traceability expected of consumers for the perfume industry. "Beyond providing the inviolable sources of proof of the brand's commitments to its customers even before their purchase, Sorga opens the doors to a new relationship with the brand after the purchase,"says Philippe Guguen, sorga's designer. For skincare or makeup, multilingual video tutorials were obvious customer benefits. It is finally also for the perfume ritual or to explain how to use its perfume refill. »

A solution adapted to Asian markets, usable from WeChat Sorga technology was finalized this year, but it is already available in 10 languages and compatible with all smartphones, including via WeChat. No application to download: a simple QR code reading allows access to the inviolable passport and unique to each product. In two months, the products are equipped, the content controlled in real time.

The Sorga solution is very simple to set up, even if it is technologically complex to enable the lowest carbon footprint with a large number of proofs anchored in the public blockchain.

"Sorga perfectly matches our DNA – biodegradability of stickers, blockchain with low environmental impact, but also accessible to all in a sustainable way because public, which is not the case of some blockchains owned by large private groups,"says Michel Gutsatz, president of the perfume house Le Jardin Retrouvé.

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