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Alumni with perfume!


Ampac, the association of former and new students of ESIReims, the national higher school of engineers of Reims, organized this January 30 an afterwork within the framework of ADF & PCD and PLD Paris, in partnership with the show. The idea: bring together alumni for a friendly meeting conducive to discussion. Along with the traditional glass of champagne, perfume!

Indeed, each participant was able to leave with a composition of eau de parfum made by themselves and according to their tastes thanks to the provision of fragrances carefully selected by Corpo35 in charge of this original animation. Everyone was able to note, moreover, the quality of the essences.

"We could not have offered this event without our partners," explains Cécile Vialla, founding member of Corpo35 and director of the Maison de Parfums-Berry company as well as of the Damiette perfumery. The five fragrances that served as a basis for the participants of the evening - rose, fig, saffron and amber and tuberose - were created by a master perfumer from Grasse whose work is of great quality. The bottles were supplied to us by Heinz Glas, the pumps by Albéa and the stencils by the company Seram. "

Represented by Marc Monteil, director of EMEIA operations at Velva, Ampac (for Association of masters in packaging) has nearly 1,500 members and, according to its members, represents the leading network of packaging engineers in Europe. The only engineering school providing training in packaging and packaging specialties, ESIReims trains 50 students in these professions every year.

ADF & PCD and PLD, which took place on January 29 and 30 at Paris Porte de Versailles, was the perfect show to bring together these experts of the pack.

The Damiette perfumery knew how to put its experience of leading perfume composition workshops at the service of alumni who were happy to meet again and to be able to exchange views during the show. In Normandy, stronghold of the Damiette perfumery of the Maison de Parfums-Berry and Corpo35, participants are not invited to give five notes but 20, enough to encourage the creativity of any apprentice perfumer!

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