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The Winners of the New Luxury Awards 2022

Organized in Paris by the International Perfume Foundation, the New Luxury Awards ceremony rewards sustainable perfumes and packaging.

The New Luxury Awards are presented annually to stimulate creativity in fragrances and packaging by adopting the new luxury code as the sustainability standard for authenticity, integrity and transparency.

This competition also aims to create and empower emerging brands, new perfumers, new designers and students in perfumery or packaging and to make this industry a leader in sustainability.

To participate in the contest, perfumers must comply with the New Luxury Code and the perfume must meet the sustainability standards of the International Perfume Foundation for certification.

The New Luxury Awards ceremony was held in Paris during an olfactory dinner orchestrated by Rachel Binder, sommelier and perfumer from Los Angeles, and David Piot, a talented young chef. The evening was hosted by La Laura Paris and the group ColoKaterre.

This year, the trophies were created by Muriel Balenci and Giovanni Nicola, 2 French artists living in Murano.

The winners of this 3rd edition of the New Luxury Awards are:

In the Students category:

Rondo Sandyakala by William S. Wijaya (Indonesia), a fresh and amber fragrance.

In the Perfumers category:

Elixir of Heaven by Anuja François Raja (France) with a scent of myrrh and incense.

In the Brand category:

Surinam by Françoise Rapp (France) for Flowering Pharmacy USA, a powdered and wooded cyprus.

Special price:

White by Sri Kudaravalli (India) for Xila Apothic with a floral scent of jasmine.

This student created her perfume and brand in 6 months while attending the IPF Teacher's Academy. Sri Kudaravalli was congratulated by Her Excellency Jawed Ashraf, Ambassador of India in Paris.

In the sustainable packaging category:

Phantom by Pierre Dinand for Paco Rabanne. To be recyclable, each piece of the bottle must be separable (metal, plastic and glass). Otherwise, it can be a collector's item.

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